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902eab4... by dev

update google console script

- use email and finish script if shutdown disabled
- fix type EOF
- fix osx build if sdk missing
- pass l,w,m to the script (default is lwm)

3b82c33... by dev

Merged in fix-gitian-build-with-qt598 (pull request #7)

build-aux - update bitcoin_qt.m4, fixes QT building issue

0e107cb... by dev

build-aux - update bitcoin_qt.m4, fixes QT building issue

70a0dba... by "<email address hidden>" <email address hidden>

Merged in refactor-token-wallet (pull request #5)

Refactor token wallet

Approved-by: Cevap

4bdaa61... by "<email address hidden>" <email address hidden>

Merged in generate-pos-1 (pull request #4)

Generate POS blocks using RPC

Approved-by: Cevap

02401f6... by ckti

Merged in ckti/add-in-circleci-to-changelog-1577009390789 (pull request #2)

Add in CIrcleCI to changelog

Approved-by: Cevap

2d22878... by dev

google console build script update

6e06411... by FornaxA <email address hidden>

[REFACTOR] Separate wallet from non-wallet in token functionality

This restores the configure option --disable-wallet

- Split rpctokens and rpctokenwallet
- Split token script functionality
- Move XDM fee management functions to wallet section
- Reduce unnecessary include files

e911df2... by FornaxA <email address hidden>

Generate POS blocks

- Generate POS blocks using RPC call 'generate'
- Allow generation of mixed POS/POW blocks
- Deterministic mn list skips the coinbase AND coinstake
- Set ION staking parameters 'staking', 'ionstake', 'reservebalance'
- Schedule staking thread that attempts a stake every 1 second
  - Currently this thread is empty
- Opening a wallet for mixing now also opens the wallet for staking
- Add stakable coins as an option for selecting AvailableCoins

- Time regular stake block generation ('staking=1' functionality)
- Take coinstake split parameter from config options (currently fixed and set to 2000 ION)
- Split difficulty algo for POS and POW in hybrid POS/POW

1c810af... by FornaxA <email address hidden>

Update functions and parameters to enable correctly syncing ION testnet

- Update rewards schedule
- Disconnect() with checklevel 3 is memory-only, so (for now) only disconnect token transactions if they get reconnected in level 4
- Allow blocks with block.nTime >= prevblock.nTime (instead of >)
- Set different coinbase maturity for testnet, mainnet and regtest
- Set exception for testnet where three POW blocks use the POS difficulty function
- Separate DGW difficulty from DGW stake modifier for testnet
- Fix potential null pointer exception in avgRecentTimestamps()