Last commit made on 2019-12-11
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030a7e8... by dev

share - update info.plist.in

add LSApplicationCategoryType

7576590... by dev

depends - update libzmq to eb54966

94feadc... by dev

depends - zeromq cleanup, delete obsolete patches and disable phthread patch

b32306d... by dev

depends - fix zeromq for win32

0aef450... by dev

build - minor fixes to gitian-build

877e203... by dev

build - gitian script, add gpg --detach-sign

01d1c47... by ckti

Update to gitian build s390x and powerpc64le

Signed-off-by: cevap <email address hidden>

9526936... by dev

docs - add requirements in torrent.md

7e37eb8... by dev

update .gitignore

- exclude additional archives/images
- exclude 5.hfs file created by the script
- datadir
- debian build
- depends

f9c6c8f... by dev

ci - update dash hash