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8b14adb... by Alexander Block <email address hidden>

[v0.14.0.x] Update release notes with change log (#3213)

5f98ed7... by Alexander Block <email address hidden>

[v0.14.0.x] Bump version to and draft release notes (#3203)

* Bump version to

* Run to update versions

* Prepare release notes for

* Add first draft of "Notable Changes"

* Handle review comments

c7630f0... by UdjinM6 <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #3202 from codablock/pr_v14_backports

[v0.14.0.x] Backport pending PRs from develop into v14

c0dda38... by Alexander Block <email address hidden>

Circumvent BIP69 sorting in test (#3100)

"subtractFeeFromOutputs" is applied to the ordering of the input
transaction and after that BIP69 sorting is performed. This causes
flakiness in tests.

64ae636... by Alexander Block <email address hidden>

Fix compile issues

3647301... by Jonas Schnelli

Merge #11397: net: Improve and document SOCKS code

22f816ef4 net: Improve and document SOCKS code (Wladimir J. van der Laan)

Pull request description:

  Make the SOCKS code more consistent, and document the constants used.

Tree-SHA512: 1bb04fcd6aacb6bfd2c54989d8298c892036466a895efb88be36fbace041af67c964ae0f5fb76c96f813f20a040109de4e0aac49a20844640e4d7633fcb22f25

66e2987... by UdjinM6 <email address hidden>

Slightly optimize ApproximateBestSubset and its usage for PS txes (#3184)

* From 2 best sets with the same `nTotal` in ApproximateBestSubset prefer the one with less inputs

* There is no reason to run ApproximateBestSubset again if nMinChange is 0

* Apply review suggestions

16b6b6f... by Nathan Marley

Update activemn if protx info changed (#3176)

* Update activemn if protx info changed

* Add `==` and `!=` operators to CDeterministicMNState

* Only re-init active MN if its IP changed, changes to payout, voting etc. can be done without it

* Test `masternode status` updates

* Don't track mnListEntry anymore and instead get the DMN on demand

* Revert "Add `==` and `!=` operators to CDeterministicMNState"

This reverts commit fba468758113084785c0bc0fffd6d704911be8a3.

ce66871... by UdjinM6 <email address hidden>

Actually update spent index on DisconnectBlock (#3167)

Fixes #3166

9b49bfd... by Alexander Block <email address hidden>

Only track last seen time instead of first and last seen time (#3165)

This avoids timeouts on parts of the network