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085fdf6... by Holger Schinzel

Update download path for native_ccache - backport of #1283

637a93c... by UdjinM6 <email address hidden>

bug: should use txidCollateral to calculate confirmations (#1188)

af33fd2... by TheLazieR Yip <email address hidden>

Update travis to use wine 1.7 from ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa (#1220)

13d1944... by Holger Schinzel

V0.12.0.x [build] fix deprecated download paths (#1219)

* googlecode is deprecated, moved to github

* Qt5.2 moved to download archive

3051809... by Evan Duffield <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #961 from dashpay/v0.12.0.x_bumpver

V0.12.0.x Bump version to

7e10044... by Evan Duffield <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #992 from UdjinM6/fixSubmitFinalBudget

Fix SubmitFinalBudget

9fc8c56... by UdjinM6 <email address hidden>

More fixes for SubmitFinalBudget():
- quickly lock cs_main and grab current height at the beginning of the function
- fix nSubmittedFinalBudget (should be set at the end of the function and should use current height to allow another submission in case payment list changed, renamed to nSubmittedHeight and made it local and static)

fb962a9... by UdjinM6 <email address hidden>

fix SubmitFinalBudget confirmation calculations

90346c1... by UdjinM6 <email address hidden>

try to quickly lock cs_main before accessing chainActive in masternode payments, should fix#977 (#978)

593a8b1... by Páll Haraldsson

Fix link to in master branch (#975)

NOTE: links to v0.12.1.x branch for now, will be referencing same branch after v0.12.1.x became master