Last commit made on 2021-04-13
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073bbf7... by ckti

Add in aarch64 redhat conditional

e7b3041... by ckti

remove xplatform from aarch64

286bce5... by ckti

Update to build arm32/64 with python > 3.8

e15e875... by cryptolinux <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #4 from cryptolinux-ion/regtest-fixes

Update regtest to correctly run test_runner and a few test fixes

cdc8fee... by ckti <email address hidden>

Descriptor change for RISC and powerpc (#5)

* No symbols for ricv64

* Add powerpc to list of architectures that do not work with symbols

2451259... by ckti

Update tests to run with low block count, update and

fb00082... by ckti

Merge branch 'upstream-upgrade' of into upstream-upgrade

80f3727... by ckti <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #2 from cryptolinux/upstream-upgrade

Upstream upgrade

9d25b6f... by dev

This is a quick hack that disables symbol checking for arm

original commit and ref 06a73ad7c4801629ecf5a3ef9fe4709f0e2cd8d9

7a94599... by ckti

Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/upstream-upgrade' into upstream-upgrade