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9dad603... by UdjinM6 <email address hidden>

Tweak "Send" popup and refactor related code a bit (#3218)

Few key points:

- highlight when not all recipients are displayed, move this info closer to the actual list
- clarify fee rounding text for PrivateSend, wasn't accurate
- show transactions size and actual fee rate explicitly
- show number of inputs PrivateSend tx is going to consume and warn if this number is 10 or higher

ef55e48... by UdjinM6 <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #3217 from codablock/pr_backport_hidpi_fix

Backport bitcoin#16254 and remove hires theme

bb7a32d... by UdjinM6 <email address hidden>

Add Dark theme (#3216)

* Copy light(-hires).css -> dark(-hires).css (with no changes yet)

* Add dark(-hires).css to makefile/qrc and show them in theme selector

* Dark theme (css part)

* Do not style unit selector in status bar via platform styles, use css instead

* No coloring via forms (*.ui)

* Implement and use helpers to style parts of rich text differently for light and dark themes

* Remove dark-hires due to #3217

* Revert changes to light-hires.css to avoid merge conflicts with #3217

05ac4db... by UdjinM6 <email address hidden>

Dashify few strings (#3214)

482a549... by UdjinM6 <email address hidden>

Add collateral, owner and voting addresses to masternode list table (#3207)

* Add collateral, owner and voting addresses to masternode list table

* Adjust column names in masternode list table

* Slightly refactor updateDIP3List()

* Lock cs_main in updateDIP3List early to avoid GUI frezes

* Update MN list in GUI 10 times less often while blockchain is still syncing

* Move GetUTXO calls outside of main update loop

* Fill coin cache for masternode UTXOs on start

8c17c81... by Alexander Block <email address hidden>

Remove light-hires theme as it's not required anymore

d9741fc... by Bitcoin Core

Merge #16254: qt: Set AA_EnableHighDpiScaling attribute early

099e4b9ad3 Set AA_EnableHighDpiScaling attribute early (Hennadii Stepanov)

Pull request description:

  Running `bitcoin-qt` compiled against Qt 5.12.4 causes a warning:
  hebasto@bionic-qt:~/bitcoin$ src/qt/bitcoin-qt
  Attribute Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling must be set before QCoreApplication is created.

  This PR fixes this issue.

  From Qt docs:
  - [Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling](
  > Enables high-DPI scaling in Qt on supported platforms (see also High DPI Displays). _Supported platforms are X11, Windows and Android._ Enabling makes Qt scale the main (device independent) coordinate system according to display scale factors provided by the operating system. This corresponds to setting the `QT_AUTO_SCREEN​_SCALE_FACTOR` environment variable to 1. This attribute must be set before `QGuiApplication` is constructed. This value was added in Qt 5.6.

  - [QCoreApplication::setAttribute()](

ACKs for commit 099e4b:
    ACK 099e4b9ad3d9967051d5c3d45c6315d1b30fea05
    utACK 099e4b9ad3d9967051d5c3d45c6315d1b30fea05
    ACK 099e4b9ad3d9967051d5c3d45c6315d1b30fea05. Did some testing on `Bionic` and `Windows 10` (using VirtualBox). I couldn't see any obvious visual difference, but given Marco's screens above, this change is obviously better. I also checked that there wasn't any sort of regression on macOS.

Tree-SHA512: 1965a427ee14ffb3871bac317685032406cf02d1fa2b2dc11c8b643bfe4ba09195674d149d1e41752f14c0d000446b35e142f3ce60d987ba97082fd7ee39a094

37f96f5... by UdjinM6 <email address hidden>

Bump version to 0.15 and update few const-s/chainparams (#3204)

* Bump const-s

* Bump version to 0.15

* Run

9de9949... by strophy <email address hidden>

Compliance changes to terminology (#3211)

Replace inaccurate user-facing descriptions of PS as anonymous to mixed or private, since Dash is a transparent blockchain.

d475f17... by UdjinM6 <email address hidden>

Fix styles for progress dialogs, shutdown window and text selection (#3212)

* Override text selection background color for all text widgets

Otherwie it might become unusable with some system themes

* Fix progress dialogs styling

* Fix shutdown window styling