Last commit made on 2021-06-23
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09fcd2f... by ckti

new check for python >=3.9 for xcb_proto patch

606dc0c... by ckti

REmove cmake from linux descriptors, check for python >=3.9 for xcb_proto patch

0ffe062... by ckti

Add in cmake to bls-dash

1e25b67... by ckti

Add cmake to built packages

a54a890... by ckti

Add in cmake for building

c6ead6f... by Bytz

Update Copyurights switch to ION

c21f9c4... by ckti

Change to use bls-dash

2a96762... by ckti

xcb proto patch for python >= 3.9

e15e875... by cryptolinux <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #4 from cryptolinux-ion/regtest-fixes

Update regtest to correctly run test_runner and a few test fixes

cdc8fee... by ckti <email address hidden>

Descriptor change for RISC and powerpc (#5)

* No symbols for ricv64

* Add powerpc to list of architectures that do not work with symbols