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c44453e... by Darren Tucker on 2017-04-24

Fix typo in "socketcall".

Pointed out by jjelen at

295ac5e... by Darren Tucker on 2017-04-24

Deny socketcall in seccomp filter on ppc64le.

OpenSSL is using socket() calls (in FIPS mode) when handling ECDSA keys
in privsep child. The socket() syscall is already denied in the seccomp
filter, but in ppc64le kernel, it is implemented using socketcall()
syscall, which is not denied yet (only SYS_SHUTDOWN is allowed) and
therefore fails hard.

Patch from jjelen at

f77e6b5... by Darren Tucker on 2017-03-29

Don't check privsep user or path when unprivileged

If running with privsep (mandatory now) as a non-privileged user, we
don't chroot or change to an unprivileged user however we still checked
the existence of the user and directory. Don't do those checks if we're
not going to use them. Based in part on a patch from Lionel Fourquaux
via Corinna Vinschen, ok djm@

4632b63... by Darren Tucker on 2017-03-23

Enable ldns when using ldns-config.

Actually enable ldns when attempting to use ldns-config. bz#2697, patch
from fredrik at

eb25c7b... by Damien Miller on 2017-03-22

Missing header on Linux/s390

Patch from Jakub Jelen

173359e... by Damien Miller on 2017-03-20

Fix syntax error on Linux/X32

Patch from Mike Frysinger

d38f05d... by Darren Tucker on 2017-03-20

Add llabs() implementation.

7253631... by Damien Miller on 2017-03-20

crank version numbers

3be52bc... by "<email address hidden>" <email address hidden> on 2017-03-20

upstream commit


Upstream-ID: b8b9a4a949427c393cd868215e1724ceb3467ee5

db84e52... by Damien Miller on 2017-03-20

I'm a doofus.

Unbreak obvious syntax error.