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9295c18... by "<email address hidden>" <email address hidden> on 2016-08-28

upstream commit

fix uninitialised optlen in getsockopt() call; harmless
on Unix/BSD but potentially crashy on Cygwin. Reported by James Slepicka ok

Upstream-ID: 1987ccee508ba5b18f016c85100d7ac3f70ff965

2f5a4de... by "<email address hidden>" <email address hidden> on 2016-08-03

upstream commit

Fix bug introduced in rev 1.467 which causes
"buffer_get_bignum_ret: incomplete message" errors when built with WITH_SSH1
and run such that no Protocol 1 ephemeral host key is generated (eg "Protocol
2", no SSH1 host key supplied). Reported by rainer.laatsch at,
ok deraadt@

Upstream-ID: aa6b132da5c325523aed7989cc5a320497c919dc

7e6d709... by Darren Tucker on 2016-08-02

Explicitly test for broken strnvis.

NetBSD added an strnvis and unfortunately made it incompatible with the
existing one in OpenBSD and Linux's libbsd (the former having existed
for over ten years). Despite this incompatibility being reported during
development (see they still shipped it.
Even more unfortunately FreeBSD and later MacOS picked up this incompatible
implementation. Try to detect this mess, and assume the only safe option
if we're cross compiling.

OpenBSD 2.9 (2001): strnvis(char *dst, const char *src, size_t dlen, int flag);
NetBSD 6.0 (2012): strnvis(char *dst, size_t dlen, const char *src, int flag);

ok djm@

99522ba... by Damien Miller on 2016-07-27

define _OPENBSD_SOURCE for reallocarray on NetBSD

Report by and debugged with Hisashi T Fujinaka, dtucker nailed
the problem (lack of prototype causing return type confusion).

3e1e076... by Damien Miller on 2016-07-26


d99ee9c... by Damien Miller on 2016-07-26

Linux auditing also needs packet.h

393bd38... by Damien Miller on 2016-07-26

fix auditing on Linux

get_remote_ipaddr() was replaced with ssh_remote_ipaddr()

80e766f... by Damien Miller on 2016-07-24

crank version numbers

b1a4787... by "<email address hidden>" <email address hidden> on 2016-07-24

upstream commit


Upstream-ID: af106a7eb665f642648cf1993e162c899f358718

353766e... by Darren Tucker on 2016-07-23

Move Cygwin IPPORT_RESERVED overrride to defines.h

Patch from vinschen at