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6b562d5... by Tim Rice <email address hidden> on 2004-07-19

 - (tim) [] updwtmpx() on OpenServer seems to add duplicate entry.
   Report by rac AT

d81ea20... by Darren Tucker on 2004-07-11

 - (dtucker) [auth-pam.c] Check for zero from waitpid() too, which allows
   the monitor to properly clean up the PAM thread (Debian bug #252676).

bf7a29b... by Darren Tucker on 2004-07-08

   - <email address hidden> 2004/07/08 12:47:21
     Prevent scp from skipping the file following a double-error.
     bz #863, ok markus@

6609de6... by Darren Tucker on 2004-06-22

 - (dtucker) [auth1.c] Ensure do_pam_account is called for Protocol 1
   connections with empty passwords. Patch from davidwu at,
   ok djm@

f148bb8... by Darren Tucker on 2004-05-24

 - (dtucker) [auth-pam.c] Bug #839: Ensure that pam authentication "thread"
   is terminated if the privsep slave exits during keyboard-interactive
   authentication. ok djm@

c4b99d4... by Darren Tucker on 2004-05-13

 - (dtucker) [] Bug #867: Additional tests for res_query in
   libresolv, fixes problems detecting it on some platforms
   (eg Linux/x86-64). From Kurt Roeckx via Debian, ok mouring@

ca79b82... by Darren Tucker on 2004-04-23

 - (dtucker) [README.platform] List prereqs for building on Cygwin.

68b1e4e... by Darren Tucker on 2004-04-23

 - (dtucker) [ openbsd-compat/getrrsetbyname.c] Declare h_errno
   as extern int if not already declared. Fixes compile errors on old SCO
   platforms. ok tim@

bd5f26f... by Damien Miller on 2004-04-18

mark release

17421e7... by Darren Tucker on 2004-04-18

Add people with several and/or large contributions