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49905b5... by Colin Watson on 2019-05-02

Improve manual build portability slightly

* manual/ ($(MANUAL).pp, .pp.dvi,, .pp.tdvi,
.tdvi.tps,, .pp.html): Use "mv -f" rather than just "mv", since
Automake seems to prefer that for its own rules.

56c355e... by Colin Watson on 2019-05-02

Make manual build more robust against failures

Fixes Savannah bug #56254.

* manual/ ($(MANUAL).pp, .pp.dvi,, .pp.tdvi,
.tdvi.tps,, .pp.html): Write output to *.new files and rename
into place, so that failures are properly retried in future runs.

45e00cf... by Colin Watson on 2019-03-03

Avoid configure error message if nroff is broken

* m4/man-gnu-nroff.m4 (MAN_PROG_GNU_NROFF): Adjust test arguments
slightly to avoid a spurious error message if nroff is sufficiently
broken that it doesn't produce numeric output for "\n(.g".

cf9602e... by Colin Watson on 2019-03-03

Fix warnings when configuring --without-libseccomp

* lib/sandbox.c (_sandbox_load): Mark sandbox and permissive parameters
unused when HAVE_LIBSECCOMP is undefined, to avoid warnings from "gcc

1e5d05d... by Colin Watson on 2019-03-03

Add configure option to disable building manual

* m4/man-arg-manual.m4: New file.
* manual/ Perform most rules only if BUILD_MANUAL is true.
* manual/ (Arguments to configure): Add --disable-manual.
* README (Non-generic arguments to configure): Update.
* NEWS: Document this.

127eaa9... by Colin Watson on 2019-03-03

* NEWS: Document container type changes.

c41efcb... by Colin Watson on 2019-02-05

Add some missing entries to lib/README

* lib/README: Add glcontainers.*, orderfiles.*, and sandbox.*.

4a5421c... by Colin Watson on 2019-02-05

Remove pipeline.* from lib/README

It's been a separate library since 2010.

* lib/README: Remove pipeline.*.

0a0bf0b... by Colin Watson on 2019-02-05

Inline lower into name_to_key

With only one remaining user, it wasn't pulling its weight.

* libdb/db_lookup.c (name_to_key): Inline the implementation of lower.
* lib/ (libman_la_SOURCES): Remove lower.c and lower.h.
* lib/README: Remove lower.*.
* lib/lower.c, lib/lower.h: Remove.

1bd019e... by Colin Watson on 2019-02-05

Simplify case-insensitivity in word_fnmatch

Using FNM_CASEFOLD saves us from having to lower-case the pattern
manually, and it also fixes the behaviour of "apropos -w" when given a
non-lower-case pattern.

* lib/wordfnmatch.c (word_fnmatch): Use isalpha and FNM_CASEFOLD rather
than manually lower-casing string or expecting pattern to have already
been lower-cased.
* NEWS: Document this.