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bccecbf... by Colin Watson on 2020-09-13

Handle \[en] escapes in NAME section

Fixes Debian bug #970122.

* src/lexgrog.l (MAN_NAME): Treat "\[en]" (and similar) as another
synonym for "\-", and thus as a separator. (This spelling is
groff-specific; the older "\(en" spelling was already accepted.)
* NEWS: Document this.

bcbc403... by Colin Watson on 2020-08-22

Fix gcc -Wzero-length-bounds warning

* lib/orderfiles.c (order_files): Avoid accessing an element of a
zero-length array.

7315a94... by S. Gilles on 2020-08-12

Allow clock_gettime64; return ENOSYS so libcs can engage fallbacks

libcs such as musl expect ENOSYS to be returned (not EPERM) in their
fallback code, so change the seccomp filter to be more agreeable to

At the same time, clock_gettime is permitted in the filter, so permit
clock_gettime64 as well -- it will be needed by 2038 in any case.

* lib/sandbox.c (make_seccomp_filter): Set default action to
SCMP_ACT_ERRNO (ENOSYS). Allow clock_gettime64.
* NEWS: Document this.

1c7b46a... by Colin Watson on 2020-07-04

Add Romanian manual page translation

* man/po4a/po/ro.po: New from Translation Project (thanks, Florentina
* (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add man/ro/Makefile.
* man/LINGUAS.po4a: Add ro.
* man/ (DIST_SUBDIRS): Add ro.
* man/ro/, man/ro/translator.add: New files.
* man/po4a/ (POFILES): Add po/ro.po.
* man/po4a/po4a.cfg (po4a_langs): Add ro.
* man/THANKS: Update translator credit.
* .gitignore: Add man/ro/man1, man/ro/man5, and man/ro/man8.

154e050... by Colin Watson on 2020-07-04

Remove "Type" column from DB table in mandb(8)

The database types table in mandb(8) has always been a bit
dubiously-placed; it's really more about how man-db is configured, and
as such makes more sense in manual/ (which indeed has an extended
version of the same table). It causes particular problems in translated
versions of this page, where it's very easy for it to become too wide
and cause "make check" failures.

A proper fix for this would probably require updating existing
translations, but an easy improvement is to remove the "Type" column: it
has negligible relevance here, and removing it makes it much easier for
translated versions to stay within page width limits.

* man/man8/mandb.man8 (DATABASE CACHES): Remove "Type" column from

6abf397... by Colin Watson on 2020-07-02

Recognise Romanian translations of NAME

* src/lexgrog.l (ro_name): Add.
(name): Add ro_name.
* NEWS: Document this.

18fb2da... by Florentina on 2020-06-24

Update Romanian translation

* po/ro.po: Update from Translation Project.
* man/THANKS: Add translator credit.

1def7c7... by Colin Watson on 2020-06-22

Release man-db 2.9.3

750beaa... by Colin Watson on 2020-06-22

Avoid po4a confusion with \c

po4a >= 0.58 (I think) changes its handling of \c slightly, resulting in
incorrect output for the admittedly awkward uses of \c in man(1).
Rearrange markup to avoid this.

* man/man1/man.man1 (OVERVIEW): Recast description of the syntax of
locale environment variables using \f[BIR] rather than .B/.RI and \c.
(Controlling formatted output): Coalesce markup for the default prompt
into a single .BI macro, avoiding the need for \c. Unfuzzy most
* NEWS: Document this.

a9b5df4... by Colin Watson on 2020-06-22

Fix po4a version comparison

po4a's versions don't quite conform to Perl's standard versioning
arrangements, producing very confusing results when trying to compare
two-component and three-component versions (because "0.47" is equivalent
to "v0.470.0"). Perhaps we should use some other version comparison
system instead, but in the meantime patch things up so that what we
currently use behaves more sensibly.

* man/po4a/Locale/Po4a/ (_parse_version): New subroutine.
(shiftline, pushline, translate): Use _parse_version, and always use a
leading "v" on the right-hand side.