Merge ~cjwatson/launchpad:py3-json-model-view-dict-ordering into launchpad:master

Proposed by Colin Watson on 2021-03-04
Status: Merged
Approved by: Colin Watson on 2021-03-04
Approved revision: 9516f7bc40ea52e2b2da81e73ab084791cd89b4f
Merge reported by: Otto Co-Pilot
Merged at revision: not available
Proposed branch: ~cjwatson/launchpad:py3-json-model-view-dict-ordering
Merge into: launchpad:master
Diff against target: 13 lines (+1/-1)
1 file modified
lib/lp/services/webapp/tests/ (+1/-1)
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Tom Wardill 2021-03-04 Approve on 2021-03-04
Review via email:

Commit message

Fix TestJsonModelView for different dict ordering in Python 3

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Tom Wardill (twom) :
review: Approve

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1diff --git a/lib/lp/services/webapp/tests/ b/lib/lp/services/webapp/tests/
2index e8e4478..1246dde 100644
3--- a/lib/lp/services/webapp/tests/
4+++ b/lib/lp/services/webapp/tests/
5@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ class TestJsonModelView(BrowserTestCase):
6 self.configZCML()
7 browser = self.getUserBrowser(self.url)
8 cache = loads(browser.contents)
9- self.assertEqual(['related_features', 'context'], list(cache))
10+ self.assertThat(cache, KeysEqual('related_features', 'context'))
12 def test_JsonModel_custom_cache(self):
13 # Adding an item to the cache in the initialize method results in it


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