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efff615... by phcoder

xen: Fix parsing of XZ kernel.

In case of xz, the uncompressed size is appended to xz data which confuses
our xz decompressor. Trim it.

8a96fc4... by phcoder

xen: Fix handling of GRUB chainloading.

In case of GRUB we put remapper after domain pages and not at 0x0.
In this case we use max_addr to put remapper. Unfortunately we increment
max_addr as well in this case resulting in virt mapping mapping page
at old max_addr and trying to boot using new max_addr.

Closes 46014.

f3df8f9... by phcoder

linguas: Don't skip ko.po.

Translation project doesn't require copyright disclaimers. They're independant
from us. They're responsible for their copyright story.

ec4aca0... by phcoder

Fix truncated checksum.h.

fcb1528... by phcoder

Regenerate checksums.h

Screenshots contain version, so we need new checksums.

c36c0e0... by phcoder

Release 2.02-rc1.

c96cfac... by phcoder

Fix mingw compilation.

bf94ef7... by dkg

documentation: Clarify documentation for special environment variable "default".

The current documentation for the special environment variable
"default" is confusing and unclear. This patch attempts to clean it

In particular, the current documentation refers to the "number or
title", but then in the example it gives, the menu entries and
submenus all have numbers *in* their title; furthermore, there is no
example given about how to choose the number, or any indication about
whether counting is zero-indexed or 1-indexed.

Having a cleaner example and presenting all variants (numeric, title,
and id) should make it clearer to the user.

Signed-off-by: Daniel Kahn Gillmor <email address hidden>

5412028... by phcoder

Avoid causing kernel oops in nilfs2 test.

1024-byte and 2048-byte blocks don't really work with some kernels, skip
them as we don't want any oops'es.

c65d35b... by phcoder

btrfs: Shorten label by one character.

mkfs.btrfs imposes a slightly lower limit than would be possible in btrfs.