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dfabe9c... by phcoder

WIP: Disable hardlink test.

It doesn't wotk on termux.

ccaf9c7... by phcoder

WIP: disable m4_syscmd check in gnulib.

m4_syscmd uses /bin/sh which isn't available on termux.

a827807... by phcoder

Fix shebang for termux.

Termux doesn't have a /bin/sh. So we needto use $SHELL.
Keep /bin/sh as much as possible.

1073ddb... by phcoder

Add termux path to dict.

4341f82... by phcoder

po: Use @SHELL@ rather than /bin/sh.

/bin/sh might not exist.

c2ea443... by phcoder

Use $(SHELL) rather than /bin/sh.

/bin/sh doesn't exist under termux.

608bec5... by phcoder

Support lseek64.

Android doesn't have 64-bit off_t, so use off64_t instead.

6dec3a2... by phcoder

Don't retrieve fstime when it's not useful.

b43b8ca... by phcoder

support busybox date.

Busybox date doesn't understand weekdays in -d input,
so strip them beforehand.

37865c2... by phcoder

fs-tester: make sh-compatible