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7c58da5... by phcoder

merge master to newports/alpha

9f8acda... by phcoder

 * grub-core/term/serial.c: Add option for enabling/disabling
 RTS/CTS flow control.

2dc1eb6... by phcoder

 * grub-core/lib/libgcrypt/cipher/idea.c (mul_inv): Remove signed

b9563c9... by phcoder

 * grub-core/lib/libgcrypt/mpi/mpih-div.c (_gcry_mpih_divrem):
 Use grub_fatal rather than divide by zero.
 * grub-core/lib/libgcrypt/mpi/mpi-pow.c (gcry_mpi_powm): Likewise.

d6d8e9a... by phcoder

 * include/grub/gui.h (grub_fixed_sfs_divide): Round rather than
 (grub_fixed_fsf_divide): Likewise.

d06de6c... by phcoder

 * grub-core/gfxmenu/gui_list.c (draw_scrollbar): Avoid
 division by-zero and senseless negative divisions.

6af7d49... by phcoder

 * grub-core/gfxmenu/gui_circular_progress.c (circprog_paint): Avoid
 division by-zero and senseless negative divisions.
 (circprog_set_property): Don't accept negative num_ticks.

bcfa6d7... by phcoder

 * grub-core/gfxmenu/gui_progress_bar.c (draw_pixmap_bar): Avoid
 division by-zero and senseless negative divisions.

dd7f792... by phcoder

 * Use elf_*_fbsd on kfreebsd.

d061fda... by phcoder

 * grub-core/tests/div_test.c: New test.