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6d83b08... by phcoder

Some work for S390

c81acb7... by phcoder

 Consolidate cpuid code.

c1bee64... by phcoder

 Move cpuid code to cpuid.h and TSC code to tsc.c.

f37bf9c... by Grégoire Sutre

 * util/grub.d/ Don't use LANG if it's not set.

4021132... by Grégoire Sutre

Missing Changelog entry

67811a6... by Grégoire Sutre

 * util/ Replace $0 with $self.
 * util/ Likewise.
 * util/ Likewise.

3ace8d7... by bvk

 * docs/osdetect.cfg: New file.

1e6ad6a... by bvk

 * tests/util/ Add new --debug option.

188929e... by bvk

 * tests/ New test.

7994a09... by bvk

 * tests/ New test.