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d5edef1... by phcoder

Half boot time on pi when using standalone by using greffs

313fb3c... by phcoder

 Add module loading and parsing boot time checkpoints.

37f617c... by phcoder

 * grub-core/loader/arm/linux.c: Pass arguments through on ATAG

3deedfc... by Lars Wendler <email address hidden>

 * util/ Skip non-executable files.

5ad9f72... by phcoder

 Workaround buggy timer in raspberry pie by using our own timer

eeb8499... by phcoder

 * include/grub/arm/uboot/kernel.h (GRUB_KERNEL_MACHINE_HEAP_SIZE):
 Increase to 16 MiB to allow loading the whole memdisk.

0d8b81f... by phcoder

 Fix ARM Linux Loader on non-FDT platforms.

bf08219... by phcoder

 * Choose link format based on host_os on emu.

0b602bf... by phcoder

 * grub-core/osdep/unix/getroot.c: Non-unix build fix.

96650a8... by phcoder

 * grub-core/kern/emu/main.c: Build fix for emu.