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d69064a... by phcoder

Some scribbles on EFI compression

7f20dbb... by phcoder

 * Allow STRIP to be empty when creating windowszip.

55e706c... by Axel Kellermann

 * util/grub.d/ Add GRUB_OS_PROBER_SKIP_LIST to
 selectively skipping systems.

4e7d433... by Colin Watson

* Makefile.util.def (grub-mkimage): Add
grub-core/osdep/aros/config.c to extra_dist.
* conf/Makefile.extra-dist (EXTRA_DIST): Add docs/autoiso.cfg,
docs/osdetect.cfg, grub-core/gnulib-fix-null-deref.diff,
grub-core/gnulib-fix-width.diff, grub-core/gnulib-no-abort.diff, and

7d44ff7... by phcoder

 Add automated filesystem checking based on scripts I've used now for
 quite some time locally. Most of the test require root so they are
 skipped when run without necessarry privelegies.

a8c3e5e... by Colin Watson

* util/grub-install.c (main): Adjust info messages to match
installed paths of grub-bios-setup and grub-sparc64-setup.

4402db3... by Colin Watson

* util/grub-install-common.c (copy_locales): Consistently use
grub_util_get_localedir () rather than LOCALEDIR.
(grub_install_copy_files): Likewise.

7960d3e... by Josh Triplett

 * grub-core/kern/x86_64/efi/startup.S (_start): Align the stack to a
 16-byte boundary, as required by the x86-64 ABI, before calling
 grub_main. In some cases, GCC emits code that assumes this
 alignment, which crashes if not aligned. The EFI firmware is also
 entitled to assume that stack alignment without checking.

d53f490... by Josh Triplett

 * grub-core/mmap/efi/mmap.c (grub_mmap_register): Round up/down to
 4k page boundaries as expected by firmware rather than 1k
 (grub_mmap_malign_and_register): Likewise.

2d6a38f... by phcoder

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