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3e89a76... by phcoder

Add wbinvd around bios call.

Via C3 has problems with cache coherency when transitioning between the modes,
so flush it around bios calls.

2e1e6a2... by phcoder

arm: Ignore qemu clock bug

b44ba60... by phcoder

i386-ieee1275: Increase maximum heap size to accomodate highres graphi tests

b478755... by phcoder

Tests: Support arm-efi

e4c49ca... by phcoder

arm64/setjmp: Add missing move for arg1 == 0 case.

9efd79f... by phcoder

grub-shell: Support arm64-efi

7eb27a4... by Mark Salter

arm-efi: Reduce timer event frequency by 10

Timer event to keep grub msec counter was running at 1000HZ. This was too
fast for UEFI timer driver and resulted in a 10x slowdown in grub time
versus wallclock. Reduce the timer event frequency and increase tick
increment accordingly to keep better time.

a2dcab7... by phcoder

x86_64-efi: Automatically add -bios OVMF.fd to qemu in tests.

62328a9... by phcoder

Allow GRUB_QEMU_OPTS to override machine.

6e4174f... by phcoder

arm64: Disable tests that need native drivers.