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67a51e8... by phcoder

Include arrows and lines in ascii.h

5ff2490... by phcoder

 * Make unifont mandatory on coreboot.

0277eab... by phcoder

 * Skip unifont 6.3 pcf and bdf.

4861b6c... by phcoder

 * Remove partial font files if generation failed.

3100cdc... by Andrei Borzenkov

add grub_qsort_strcmp to use when sorting array of strings

Compare function used in qsort gets arguments by reference, so strcmp
cannot be used directly - it expects pointer to char, but gets pointer
to pointer to char.

Introduce new helper grub_qsort_strcmp and use it in grub-install.
This helper is going to be used in a couple more places as well so
add it to global file, not in grub-install.c.

ad73cc3... by Andrei Borzenkov

fix use of grub-probe instead of ${grub_probe}

4182262... by phcoder

 Don't add -mlong-calls when compiling with clang.

896f483... by phcoder

 * Fix a typo.

8c534b8... by phcoder

 Revamp relocation handling.

 Move more code to common dl.c. Add missing veneers for arm and arm64.
 Decreases kernel size by 70 bytes on i386-pc (40-50 compressed)

a846dd4... by phcoder

 * util/grub-mkimagexx.c: Fix reloc section generation for ia64.