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b14d85d... by Paulo Flabiano Smorigo

Suport for bi-endianess in elf file

* grub-core/kern/elf.c: check and switch endianess with grub_{be,le}_to
cpu functions.
* grub-core/kern/elfXX.c: Likewise.

Also-by: Tomohiro B Berry <email address hidden>

21143c3... by Paulo Flabiano Smorigo

Skip libgcc dependency for powerpc

* Add conditions to avoid libgcc dependency.
* Likewise.
* Makefile.core.def: Include compiler-rt.S and compiler-rt.c.
* compiler-rt.c: New file.
* compiler-rt.S: Likewise.
* compiler-rt.h: Likewise.

Also-By: Brent Baude <email address hidden>
Also-By: Vladimir 'phcoder' Serbinenko <email address hidden>

872dec5... by Paulo Flabiano Smorigo

Add powerpc little-endian (ppc64le) flags

libgcc dependency was removed *just* for this target because
the distros that use ppc64el doesn't have 32-bit support on it.

* Add targets for powerpc64el and skip libgcc.
* Likewise.

3bac4ca... by Felix Janda <email address hidden>

Remove direct _llseek code and require long filesystem libc.

6866f2b... by phcoder

 Remove potential division by 0 in gfxmenu.

44b38e4... by phcoder

grub_menu_init_page: Avoid returning 0 geometry to avoid divisions by 0.

68581b0... by phcoder

unix/cputime.c: Cache sc_clk_tck and check it for sanity.

69aee43... by phcoder

 * grub-core/kern/efi/mm.c (grub_efi_get_memory_map): Never return a
 descriptor_size==0 to avoid potential divisions by zero.

ac8bac2... by phcoder

haiku/getroot.c (grub_util_find_partition_start_os): Avoid division by zero.

4e0a25a... by phcoder

rtc_get_time_ms.c (grub_rtc_get_time_ms): Avoid division by zero.