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21e3cd3... by phcoder

Merge branch 'master' into next

db77aa5... by phcoder

Merge branch 'next' of into next

b0bad6f... by phcoder

Bump version to 2.03

e54c99a... by phcoder

Increase version to 2.02.

d454509... by phcoder

Fix remaining cases of gcc 7 fallthrough warning.

They are all intended, so just add the relevant comment.

007f0b4... by Andrei Borzenkov

Add gnulib-fix-gcc7-fallthrough.diff

As long as the code is not upstream, add it as explicit patch for the
case of gnulib refresh.

4bd4a88... by Andrei Borzenkov

i386, x86_64, ppc: fix switch fallthrough cases with GCC7

In util/getroot and efidisk slightly modify exitsing comment to mostly
retain it but still make GCC7 compliant with respect to fall through

In grub-core/lib/xzembed/xz_dec_lzma2.c it adds same comments as

In grub-core/tests/setjmp_tets.c declare functions as "noreturn" to
suppress GCC7 warning.

In grub-core/gnulib/regexec.c use new __attribute__, because existing
annotation is not recognized by GCC7 parser (which requires that comment
immediately precedes case statement).

Otherwise add FALLTHROUGH comment.

Closes: 50598

6cef7f6... by Andrei Borzenkov

btrfs: avoid "used uninitialized" error with GCC7

sblock was local and so considered new variable on every loop

Closes: 50597

ec4af11... by Andrei Borzenkov

acpi: add missing efi_call wrapper to acpi command

Fixed loading of ACPI tables on EFI (side effect was apparent memory
corruption ranging from unpredictable behavior to system reset).

Reported by Nando Eva <email address hidden>

8014b7b... by phcoder

Increment version to GRUB 2.02~rc2.