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45f169e... by phcoder

Import from bzr to git

0858c88... by phcoder

 * doc/multiboot.texi (BIOS drive): Replace ambigious "first" byte with
 "most significant" byte.
 Reported by: Mike Kasick.

66fe504... by phcoder

 * doc/ (kernel_LDFLAGS): Add -m32.
 (kernel_CFLAGS): Changed from this ...
 (kernel_CPPFLAGS): ... to this.

f416453... by phcoder

 * doc/multiboot.h (multiboot_apm_info): Use multiboot and not GRUB
 integer types.

4ce17d9... by phcoder

Remove double declaration

d057785... by phcoder

 * doc/multiboot.h: Stylistic improvements. Add APM declarations.

fce58cb... by phcoder

 * doc/multiboot.texi: Add new memory type for badram.

6ae974e... by phcoder

 * doc/multiboot.texi: Clarify command line format.

2ee333d... by phcoder

 Reimport mbchk.

 * util/ New file.
 * util/mbchk.c: Likewise.
 * (SUBDIRS): Add util.
 * New options --enable-mbchk. Check for HELP2MAN.
 (CFLAGS): Don't alter.
 (COND_MAN_PAGES): New conditional.
 (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add util/Makefile.
 * doc/ (kernel_CFLAGS): Add -m32 and -nostdlib.
 * doc/multiboot.texi (Invoking mbchk): New chapter.

432c755... by phcoder

 * doc/kernel.c (cmain): Use padding to properly display 64-bit
 (printf): Add padding support.
 Reported by: Soeren D. Schulze.