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e897f83... by Andrei Borzenkov

Merge branch 'master' into andrey/ext4_inline_data


b524fa2... by Andrei Borzenkov

net: translate pxe prefix to tftp when checking for self-load

Commit ba218c1 missed legacy pxe and pxe: prefixes which are
translated to tftp, so comparison failed.

e045af1... by Andrei Borzenkov

net: reset net->stall in grub_net_seek_real

If we open new connection, we need to reset stall indication, otherwise
nothing will ever be polled (low level code rely on this field being
zero when establishing connection).

13f7ead... by Stefan Fritsch

http: reset EOF indication in http_seek

Otherwise next read will stop polling too early due to stale EOF
indicator, returning incomplete data to caller.

7a5b301... by Mike Gilbert

build: Use AC_HEADER_MAJOR to find device macros

Depending on the OS/libc, device macros are defined in different
headers. This change ensures we include the right one.

sys/types.h - BSD
sys/mkdev.h - Sun
sys/sysmacros.h - glibc (Linux)

glibc currently pulls sys/sysmacros.h into sys/types.h, but this may
change in a future release.

abf9beb... by Michael Chang <email address hidden>

http: fix superfluous null line in range request header

At least the apache sever is very unhappy with that extra null line and will
take more than ten seconds in responding to each range request, which slows
down a lot the entire http file transfer process or even time out.

f4d35d4... by Andrei Borzenkov

configure: set -fno-pie together with -fno-PIE

OpenBSD 5.9 apparently defaults to -fpie. We use -fno-PIE when appropriate
already, but that is not enough - it does not turn off -fpie.

Actually check for -fPIE is not precise enough. __PIE__ is set for both
-fpie and -fPIE but with different values. As far as I can tell, both
options were introduced at the same time, so both should always be supported.

This fixes compilation on OpenBSD 5.9 which otherwise created insanely big

Reported, suggested and tested by: Jiri B <email address hidden>

6714d7e... by Andrei Borzenkov

bootp: check that interface is not NULL in configure_by_dhcp_ack

grub_net_add_addr may fail with OOM and we use returned interface
later without any checks.

5b8ddf6... by Andrei Borzenkov

bootp: fix memory leak in grub_cmd_dhcpopt

76eac44... by Aaron Luft <email address hidden>

Remove the variable oldname which is attempting to free stack space.

Historically this variable hold previous value of filename that
had to be freed if allocated previously. Currently this branch
is entered only if filename was not allocated previously so it
became redundant. It did not cause real problems because grub_free
was not called, but code is confusing and causes compilation error
in some cases.