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d0bf77b... by Dr. Jens Harbott on 2018-12-12

Increase available space in /run

Space in /run is limited to 200k by default, which isn't sufficient when
data is being read from a config-drive. Increasing to 1024k
should help for most cases without risking to fill up too much of our

LP: #1808119

f97db74... by Scott Moser on 2017-02-14

bin/mirror-dump-sstream-data: update for git

Update this release data script to support git.

f022304... by Scott Moser on 2017-02-09

Grab some functionality from master for building with git. Update doc.

The only things of real importance here are:
 * adjust bin/build-release so it works with git.
 * bin/system-setup: copy from master, change to insist on 12.04
   for 0.3 builds.
 * create-release.txt doc updates.

e79e675... by Scott Moser on 2017-02-01

dropbear script cleanups for 0.3

 - DROPBEAR_ARGS: do not use -R, which is not available in dropbear
   version included in cirros 0.3
 - fix one usage of the non-posix &> operator, replacing with >file 2>&1
 - generate dropbear key to a temporary file and move it into place
   rather than operating on the file itself. This ensures the
   file appears atomically or not at all.

LP: #1564948

093f907... by Hugh Saunders <email address hidden> on 2016-06-29

Ensure dropbear will start even if keyfiles are empty.

Copy the dropbear init script inside cirros rather than
patching it. That makes this easier to read.

LP: #1564948

e399041... by Scott Moser on 2015-04-22

update kernel

8fcdaa8... by Scott Moser on 2015-04-22

update changelog for powerpc

15bef5a... by Scott Moser on 2015-04-22

merge powerpc work in

86dec28... by Scott Moser on 2015-04-22

merge ipv6, nc -ll and timezone changes

573a54f... by Scott Moser on 2015-04-22

update ChangeLog