Last commit made on 2020-07-17
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201c880... by Olivier Tilloy

Apply patch only on i386.

05b315f... by Olivier Tilloy

Fix path to the file to patch.

ddcf6df... by Olivier Tilloy

Hopefully fix building the intel-media-driver part on i386.

13f35bb... by Olivier Tilloy

Do not specify architectures for build packages, this is not necessary.

ff07991... by Olivier Tilloy

Tentatively fix the build of intel-specific parts.

35026b7... by Olivier Tilloy

Refresh patches for new release.

68b0c23... by Olivier Tilloy

Merge branch 'stable' into enable-vaapi

d8f8bf9... by Olivier Tilloy

Build intel-specific parts only on x86_64.

See rationale at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+bug/1816497/comments/58.

7006e13... by Olivier Tilloy

Use 'snapctl is-connected password-manager-service' instead of D-Bus calls.

91e6236... by Olivier Tilloy

Revert "Revert "Revert "Add the system-packages-doc plug, to allow browsing local documentation in /usr/share/doc (LP: #1875860)."""

This reverts commit aa54f9259cb1c9bb624f0d51a43ef52760e056fa.
The system-packages-doc interface will be part of snapd 2.46, which isn't available in the stable channel yet.