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Diego Biurrun (diego-biurrun) wrote :

 review needs-fixing

On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 12:50:08PM +0000, Christian Röller wrote:
> Christian Röller has proposed merging lp:~christian-roeller/hipl/whitelisting into lp:hipl.

The size of this merge proposal has grown from 19k to 30k overnight.
This is a problem. Note that review time grows more than linearly
with change size. Note further that most of the reviewers work on
HIPL in their free time.

You have added many completely unrelated changes to this merge
proposal. I know your intentions are good, but unfortunately
the result is not.

This merge proposal is about whitelisting. Changes not related to
whitelisting do *not* belong here. They should either go in a
separate merge proposal or be committed directly to trunk.

I bet you have only a single branch and do all your work in there, right?
This is a very common workstyle for people coming from centralized
revision control systems, but not a good way to work with Bazaar.
Start unleashing its power and branch merrily. I have had days where
I created and threw away a dozen or more branches.

Now please go ahead and create a separate branch for your whitespace
changes. You will be surprised how quickly that will get approved
and how much quicker your whitelisting branch will get approval :)

Happy branching, Diego

review: Needs Fixing

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