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Rafał Cieślak Approve
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Added the Ask Ubuntu Teacher and Talkative badges as per .

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Rafał Cieślak (rafalcieslak256) wrote :

Awesome work, Christopher! Great thanks!

review: Approve

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1=== modified file 'accomplishments/ubuntu-community/en/support/askubuntu-talkative.accomplishment'
2--- accomplishments/ubuntu-community/en/support/askubuntu-talkative.accomplishment 2012-05-30 01:06:10 +0000
3+++ accomplishments/ubuntu-community/en/support/askubuntu-talkative.accomplishment 2012-06-07 21:11:18 +0000
4@@ -2,14 +2,20 @@
5 title=Talkative on Ask Ubuntu
6 description=Posted 10 messages, with 1 or more starred, in <a href="$ChatUrl">chat</a>
7 collection=ubuntu-community
8-category=Ask Ubuntu
9+category=Ask Ubuntu:Chat
10 icon=askubuntu-bronze.png
11 needs-signing=true
12 needs-information=askubuntu-user-url
13-summary = Posted 10 messages, with 1 or more starred, in <a href="$ChatUrl">chat</a>
14-steps: Provide step by step instructions for to accomplish this.
15- Each step should be on a new line with a tab at the beginning, like this.
16-pitfalls: A set of things the user should avoid while perusing this accomplishment (each one added on a new line).
17+summary = Ask Ubuntu chat is a place to be used for collaboration, discussion and socialization. Users are encouraged to use chat as a supplement to the main site, such as for becoming better acquainted with fellow community members or for discussing questions when comments would not suffice. In addition, posts in chat are awarded stars by other chat users to mark them as notable. This badge is awarded when the user posts at least 10 messages in Ask Ubuntu chat, with at least one of them starred.
18+steps: You need 20 reputation first before you can access Ask Ubuntu chat.
19+ You can enter Ask Ubuntu chat by clicking the "chat" link near the top of the Ask Ubuntu page. Note that you need to be logged in to use chat.
20+ Click any room you feel like participating in to enter it. Alternatively, you can create a new room if you have a certain topic which is not listed by any of the currently open rooms.
21+ Contribute to the discussion by entering messages into the box near the bottom of the screen, and clicking the "send" button or pressing Enter on your keyboard to send the message.
22+ Once you have sent 10 or more messages and have gotten at least one starred, you will earn this badge.
23+tips: If you are new to chat or don't have a particular topic in mind, the Ask Ubuntu General Room is a good room to start in.
24+ To make your posts more likely to earn stars, try making your posts insightful or interesting.
25+pitfalls: Not staying ontopic in chat. Check the room topic before posting irrelevant messages, which can disrupt discussion. Keep general chat messages in the Ask Ubuntu General Room; other rooms are meant to be used specifically for their topics.
26+ Not adhering to community guidelines in chat. Chat has the same guidelines as the rest of Ask Ubuntu, is moderated and keeps a complete and open history of all messages posted. Please be respectful and courteous with your messages.
27 links:
28 help = #ubuntu-community-team on Freenode
29-author = Nathan Osman <>
30\ No newline at end of file
31+author = Christopher Kyle Horton <>
33=== modified file 'accomplishments/ubuntu-community/en/support/askubuntu-teacher.accomplishment'
34--- accomplishments/ubuntu-community/en/support/askubuntu-teacher.accomplishment 2012-05-30 01:06:10 +0000
35+++ accomplishments/ubuntu-community/en/support/askubuntu-teacher.accomplishment 2012-06-07 21:11:18 +0000
36@@ -2,14 +2,23 @@
37 title=Teacher on Ask Ubuntu
38 description=Answered first question with score of 1 or more
39 collection=ubuntu-community
40-category=Ask Ubuntu
41+category=Ask Ubuntu:Starter Badges
42 icon=askubuntu-bronze.png
43 needs-signing=true
44 needs-information=askubuntu-user-url
45-summary = Answered first question with score of 1 or more
46-steps: Provide step by step instructions for to accomplish this.
47- Each step should be on a new line with a tab at the beginning, like this.
48-pitfalls: A set of things the user should avoid while perusing this accomplishment (each one added on a new line).
49+summary = Ask Ubuntu is a place not only to ask questions, but to answer them as well. Answers may be provided by any user who feels they have the relevant knowledge to share. If other users agree that answer is clear, informative and useful, they can vote it up so the answer becomes more visible and the user who posted it is rewarded with additional reputation. This badge is awarded when a user posts their first question which receives a score of 1 or higher.
50+steps: Log into Ask Ubuntu and look for a question you know the answer to.
51+ To post your answer, scroll to the bottom of the page where a text entry box is, labeled "Your Answer". You can type your answer in here.
52+ Once your answer is finished, click the gray "Post Your Answer" button under the answer preview to publicly post your answer, so it is saved and other users can see it.
53+ Once your posted answer reaches a score of 1, you will be awarded with this badge.
54+tips: Look for questions you are knowledgeable on to answer. If you don't know enough about the problem to come up with a good solution to it, skip the question and try finding another one.
55+ Use the provided formatting tools or Markdown formatting code to make your answer appear organized and polished.
56+ Be sure to include sufficient detail in your answer, and assume they don't know anything beyond what is indicated in the question. Questions and answers are browsed by Ubuntu users of all skill levels, and the best answers are those which can be read and understood by a wide audience, not just the user who posted the question.
57+pitfalls: Posting a comment instead of an answer. Your post does not count as an answer unless it is actually posted as such. If you need help making sure you are posting properly, check out the link to the FAQ at the top of the page.
58+ Posting a poor quality answer. Poor quality answers may be unclear, inaccurate or unhelpful in some way, and may be voted down instead of up. Review your answer carefully for clarity and accuracy before posting.
59+ Posting nothing but a link as an answer. If the link were to stop working, such an answer would become effectively worthless. Summarize your source in your answer, and provide the link as a reference.
60+ Posting a "me too" answer. These types of answers are not helpful to those looking for information, and disrupt Ask Ubuntu's Q&A format. If you are having the same problem, wait for a working answer to appear, or leave a comment on answers that don't work for you. You may also try sharing the question to see if someone you know can properly answer it, or asking a new question if yours could be sufficiently different to warrant a different answer for it.
61+ Posting spam or answers which violate community guidelines. These often attract large numbers of down votes and are flagged by other users for removal by moderators.
62 links:
63 help = #ubuntu-community-team on Freenode
64-author = Nathan Osman <>
65\ No newline at end of file
66+author = Christopher Kyle Horton <>


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