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Proposed by Christopher Kyle Horton
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Rafał Cieślak Approve
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Description of the change

Added the Ask Ubuntu Scholar and Supporter badges as per .

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Rafał Cieślak (rafalcieslak256) wrote :

Thanks for your work, really well done! Merging in.

review: Approve

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1=== modified file 'accomplishments/ubuntu-community/en/support/askubuntu-scholar.accomplishment'
2--- accomplishments/ubuntu-community/en/support/askubuntu-scholar.accomplishment 2012-05-30 01:06:10 +0000
3+++ accomplishments/ubuntu-community/en/support/askubuntu-scholar.accomplishment 2012-06-10 21:31:23 +0000
4@@ -2,14 +2,23 @@
5 title=Scholar on Ask Ubuntu
6 description=Asked a question and accepted an answer
7 collection=ubuntu-community
8-category=Ask Ubuntu
9+category=Ask Ubuntu:Starter badges
10 icon=askubuntu-bronze.png
11 needs-signing=true
12 needs-information=askubuntu-user-url
13-summary = Asked a question and accepted an answer
14-steps: Provide step by step instructions for to accomplish this.
15- Each step should be on a new line with a tab at the beginning, like this.
16-pitfalls: A set of things the user should avoid while perusing this accomplishment (each one added on a new line).
17+summary = Ask Ubuntu follows a Q&A format for helping users get the information they need. Each question can be answered by multiple users, and ideally the answer which best resolves the question is marked as accepted so others with the same question know what the best way to resolve it is. This badge is awarded once you ask your first question on Ask Ubuntu and then accept an answer for it.
18+steps: Log into Ask Ubuntu. Have a good question in mind to ask when you do so.
19+ Get started on your question by clicking the "Ask question" button near the top-left corner of the page.
20+ Enter a title, description and tags for your question, then click the gray "Post Your Question" button near the bottom to post it.
21+ After some answers have been posted and you find one or more of them adequately resolve your question, accept your favorite answer by clicking the checkmark icon to the left of the answer.
22+ After you have accepted the answer properly, you will be awarded with this badge.
23+tips: Keep in mind you can also post your own answer to your own question while asking the question (to make a how-to style post, for example), or later if you find the answer on your own before someone else does.
24+ Try sharing your question with others or placing a bounty on it to increase the number of answers you get.
25+ If none of the posted answers work for you, try clarifying your question through edits and commenting on the answers to explain why they don't meet your needs.
26+pitfalls: Asking a duplicate question. Duplicates often end up being closed and linked back to similar questions which were previously asked. Search the site first to make sure nobody else has already asked the same question.
27+ Asking a poor quality question. If users can't tell what you are asking for, they either will be reluctant to answer or will post answers that misinterpret what you mean. Make sure your answer is clear when you post it, and be sure to edit it if users leave comments asking for clarification.
28+ Posting a question, then forgetting to accept an answer. If you forget to accept an answer, the question appears to remain unresolved and the user who posted the best answer does not get the reputation for their efforts that having their answer accepted would provide.
29+ Simply saying "thanks" in a comment or adding "[SOLVED]" to the question title. Ask Ubuntu is not a forum, and neither method properly marks the question as resolved. If you alter the question's title to simply mark it as resolved, you'll likely find your edit reverted. Always mark your question as resolved by clicking the checkmark next to the answer you want to accept as the solution.
30 links:
31 help = #ubuntu-community-team on Freenode
32-author = Nathan Osman <>
33\ No newline at end of file
34+author = Christopher Kyle Horton <>
36=== modified file 'accomplishments/ubuntu-community/en/support/askubuntu-supporter.accomplishment'
37--- accomplishments/ubuntu-community/en/support/askubuntu-supporter.accomplishment 2012-05-30 01:06:10 +0000
38+++ accomplishments/ubuntu-community/en/support/askubuntu-supporter.accomplishment 2012-06-10 21:31:23 +0000
39@@ -2,14 +2,19 @@
40 title=Supporter on Ask Ubuntu
41 description=First up vote
42 collection=ubuntu-community
43-category=Ask Ubuntu
44+category=Ask Ubuntu:Starter badges
45 icon=askubuntu-bronze.png
46 needs-signing=true
47 needs-information=askubuntu-user-url
48-summary = First up vote
49-steps: Provide step by step instructions for to accomplish this.
50- Each step should be on a new line with a tab at the beginning, like this.
51-pitfalls: A set of things the user should avoid while perusing this accomplishment (each one added on a new line).
52+summary = Ask Ubuntu users help separate good content from poor content by voting. Users are encouraged to upvote good content so it is made more visible and the person who posted it is rewarded with additional reputation for their efforts. This badge is awarded when a user upvotes for the first time.
53+steps: To vote up, you first need at least 15 reputation on Ask Ubuntu.
54+ Log into Ask Ubuntu and browse the site.
55+ When you see a post that is useful, interesting, well-written and/or informative, vote it up by clicking the up arrow to the left of the post near the top. If you do it correctly, the arrow will turn orange and the post's ranking will increase by 1.
56+ Once you have cast your first upvote, you will be rewarded with this badge.
57+tips: Try looking for questions or answers with a score of 0. Often this means they have not been voted on yet.
58+ You can continue voting on other posts after your first upvote, but you only have a limited number of them you can cast each day.
59+pitfalls: Voting on a post just because it was already upvoted. Vote on a post only if you personally think it deserves the vote.
60+ Voting on a post just because it looks okay. Read questions and answers thoroughly then make an informed decision of whether they deserve your vote.
61 links:
62 help = #ubuntu-community-team on Freenode
63-author = Nathan Osman <>
64\ No newline at end of file
65+author = Christopher Kyle Horton <>


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