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Proposed by Christopher Kyle Horton
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Proposed branch: lp:~christhehorton/ubuntu-community-accomplishments/add-askubuntu-fanatic-badge
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accomplishments/ubuntu-community/en/support/askubuntu-fanatic.accomplishment (+9/-7)
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Description of the change

Added Ask Ubuntu Fanatic badge accomplishment as per .

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1=== modified file 'accomplishments/ubuntu-community/en/support/askubuntu-fanatic.accomplishment'
2--- accomplishments/ubuntu-community/en/support/askubuntu-fanatic.accomplishment 2012-05-30 01:06:10 +0000
3+++ accomplishments/ubuntu-community/en/support/askubuntu-fanatic.accomplishment 2012-06-02 04:09:22 +0000
4@@ -2,14 +2,16 @@
5 title=Fanatic on Ask Ubuntu
6 description=Visited the site each day for 100 consecutive days
7 collection=ubuntu-community
8-category=Ask Ubuntu
10+category=Ask Ubuntu:Visiting the site
12 needs-signing=true
13 needs-information=askubuntu-user-url
14-summary = Visited the site each day for 100 consecutive days
15-steps: Provide step by step instructions for to accomplish this.
16- Each step should be on a new line with a tab at the beginning, like this.
17-pitfalls: A set of things the user should avoid while perusing this accomplishment (each one added on a new line).
18+summary = Ask Ubuntu users who visit the site more often have more opportunities to help their community. Sustained and active participation is beneficial for everyone. This badge can only be acquired by visiting Ask Ubuntu at least once a day for 100 days in a row. Real dedication is needed if a user hopes to be awarded this badge.
19+steps: Log into Ask Ubuntu and visit the site at least once a day, every day.
20+ This badge will be awarded once you have done this for at least 100 days with no breaks in between.
21+pitfalls: Forgetting to visit. If you don't return after a full day has passed, you'll have to start over again.
22 links:
23+tips: It's likely a good idea to leave an open tab in your browser and/or stay signed in to Ask Ubuntu for convenience.
24+ Visiting Ask Ubuntu while trying to earn this badge can help you earn other badges more quickly if you make the most of your visits.
25 help = #ubuntu-community-team on Freenode
26-author = Nathan Osman <>
27\ No newline at end of file
28+author = Christopher Kyle Horton <>


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