Last commit made on 2022-10-05
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9fd65c1... by Sylvain Pineau

release_deb_monorepo.py: Checkout the release branch first

cf38b13... by Sylvain Pineau

release_deb_monorepo.py: Use git for-each-ref to find last tags

9dd4d2e... by Sylvain Pineau

New deb release scripts to manage the monorepo

4e5016f... by Ubuntu <email address hidden>

Merge #413855 from ~kissiel/checkbox/+git/support:test-in-lxc-jammy

d149a12... by Sylvain Pineau

release:lp-roadmap-query: Fix lp project summary

bf45dcc... by Ubuntu <email address hidden>

Merge #424144 from ~checkbox-dev/checkbox/+git/support:ignore_provider_iiotg

04242c4... by Sylvain Pineau

release_content_snap.py: Ignore checkbox-provider-iiotg

Trying to add tags to this provider during the release breaks the ability
to build older series using a rebase+patches since the diff corresponding
to this provider would always contain a release tag.

c08f9ac... by Sylvain Pineau

Revert "release_content_snap.py: Handle conflicts in series16 using a different merge strategy"

This reverts commit 2acaf926f01f0fabeebcd6940f37a662bd205bbd.

dc5a43c... by Sylvain Pineau

release_deb: generate changelog only for selected components

e668bfd... by Sylvain Pineau

Since checkbox-provider-edgex is now managed on github, we can't tag it anymore