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Recent revisions

4454. By Jan Kundrát <email address hidden> on 2015-02-27

Don't expect [CLOSED] when mailbox gets invalidated prior to SELECT

The earlier fixes for handling of [CLOSED] were incomplete because they
failed to catch a situation where a mailbox gets replaced while the
SELECT is still pending. This happened when e.g. someone decided to open
a mailbox (SELECT on the way) right after switching to online from
offline, a switching which triggered LIST and therefore mailbox

A fix for this is to reset the connection state when UNSELECT (or an
equivalent) completes.

Change-Id: I62c6d98ccde101dfa488a466f303c42e740c7c0f

4453. By Jan Kundrát <email address hidden> on 2015-02-26

tests: Update capabilities of all active parsers synchronously

Change-Id: I9d7d0c04c488a35319253a30234403850baf9fb9

4452. By Jan Kundrát <email address hidden> on 2015-02-26

Emit correct signals when updating flags

The generic dataChanged() signal should be emitted for the index which
describes the entire mailbox as well as for the index which corresponds
to the TreeItemMsgList -- both of these indexes have access to the
message numbers from within data(), and therefore both should be

Another signal which should be emitted is the
messageCountPossiblyChanged. The lack of this signal caused e.g. problems
in updates of the systray icon right after "mark folder read".

Change-Id: Ia008dcfcade217da8514c52ac8f479da2f148826

4451. By Pali on 2015-02-26

Fix more problems with passwords in SettingsDialog

* Choosing option "Disable passwords" should disable all password boxes in
  SettingDialog and prevent users from entering passwords into boxes

* When option "Disable passwords" was chosen or password boxes are
  disabled/inactive (or invisible to users for any reason), Trojita should not
  try to use password plugin (either for storing or reading passwords)

* When user changed (or disabled) password plugin in SettingDialog and then
  closed SettingDialog without accepting changes, Trojita should not change
  password plugin in config file and should revert back to original plugin

UiUtils::PasswordWatcher class currently does not distinguish between plugin
which refused to return password (for whatever reason) and password plugin that
failed to load & run (or when user totally disabled password plugins). So code
was extended to provide function isPluginAvailable() which returns if plugin
got successfully loaded & initialized.

Next, code for SettingsDialog was changed to enable or disable password boxes
as needed according to above specification. Also now it tracks if user changed
password plugin in dialog or not and properly call revert actions in reject().

Change-Id: I5fafcbb3e730b0010729d64617757268495402ba

4450. By Jan Kundrát <email address hidden> on 2015-02-25

www: Link to the updated Windows installer

Change-Id: I281a3be273dfe1a370d3afafc48bb3f771fea2bf

4449. By l10n daemon script <email address hidden> on 2015-02-25

SVN_SILENT made messages (after extraction)

4448. By Jan Kundrát <email address hidden> on 2015-02-22

Mark the code as a git version again

Change-Id: I8000b3a0252174e414d970610cc48438448c3b09

4447. By Jan Kundrát <email address hidden> on 2015-02-22

Version bump to v0.5

Change-Id: I65a47e002664d5896e87f56ee969160c305093ae

4446. By Jan Kundrát <email address hidden> on 2015-02-22

Remove obsolete file

The release instructions are at
https://projects.flaska.net/projects/trojita/wiki/Release_procedure . It
would be nice to have some automation, but having an obsolete script is
not a way to do it.

Change-Id: Iba53b0cb1e8009db3807091bb1891f0c4c24669a

4445. By Jan Kundrát <email address hidden> on 2015-02-22

Fix OBS packaging

Thanks to Pali for his feedback and patch.

Change-Id: I11833c64b3cc05fc47d1c65b351559c3e3be5d9e

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