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253. By Chase Douglas on 2011-12-23

Update kubuntu_28_xi2.1.patch for upstream multitouch implementation

252. By Felix Geyer on 2011-12-11

Update symbols files.

251. By Felix Geyer on 2011-12-11

Import 4:4.7.4-1ubuntu6.

250. By Felix Geyer on 2011-12-11

Import 4:4.7.4-1ubuntu5.

249. By Martin Pitt on 2011-11-28

releasing version 4:4.7.4-1ubuntu4

248. By Jonathan Riddell on 2011-11-22

Update debhelper's build-dep version to match use of debhelper 9

247. By Jonathan Riddell on 2011-11-22

Add kubuntu_100_format_security.diff, fix compile failure in qdeclarativedebugserver.cpp

246. By Jonathan Riddell on 2011-11-21

* Remove firebird2.5-dev build-depends
  - Remove firebird2.5-dev build-depends

245. By Jonathan Riddell on 2011-11-21

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* Merge from Debian Git packaging. Remaining Ubuntu changes:
  - Do not package ibase/firebird package, remove from debian/rules and
  - libqt4-sql-ibase not recommend for libqt4-sql
  - build with -no-phonon
  - do not build libqt4-phonon, disable in debian/control
  - Build packages with lzma compression using the dh addon from pkg-kde-tools
  - Rules to remove po dir in clean
  - Add MessagesQt.sh
  - Rules to create Messages.sh link to MessagesQt.sh and rules to create po
    dir and exectue extract-messages.sh in common-install-prehook-impl
  - Make libqt4-dev depend on libx11-dev
  - Add and install Trolltech.conf in libqtcore4.install
  - Build QtWebkit and use it only for QtAssistant
    + Rule to put qt_webkit_version.pri in mkspecs/modules
    + Rule to remove libQtWebKit* after build
    + Exclude usr/bin/assistant-qt4 from dh_shlibdeps
  - Fix Lucid upgrades: libqt4-help breaks/replaces libqtcore4 (<< 4:4.7.0)
  - Change OpenGL backend from GL to GLES 2 for armel (Debian does this for
    + Build-depend and make libqt4-opengl-dev depend on libgles2-mesa-dev
      instead of libgl1-mesa-dev and libglu1-mesa-dev
    + Pass "-opengl es2" to configure
  - Pass extra_configure_opts += -arch armv6 on both armel and armhf and not
    just armhf
  - In debian/rules Move documentation building to override_dh_auto_install where
    dh_listpackages works as expected with dpkg-buildpackage. (LP: #857377)
  - debian/compat is 9 and build-depend on newer debhelper for multiarch
* debian/patches/blacklist-diginotar-certs.diff is now
  debian/patches/blacklist-diginotar-cert.diff to match Debian
* Add prefix to some patches to clarify they come from Ubuntu rather than Debian
 - kubuntu_97_a11y_qt_and_qml_backport.diff
 - kubuntu_98_fix_accessible_menu.diff
 - kubuntu_99_notify_qml_name_description_change.diff
[ Felix Geyer ]
* New upstream release.
  - QTreeView crash in indexRowSizeHint/itemHeight. (Closes: #632855)
  - include fixes for CVE-2011-3193 and CVE-2011-3194. (Closes: #641738)
* Add Pino Toscano to Uploaders.
* Remove patches:
  - Fix_GL_problems_on_stock_1.4_SGX_drivers.patch - stolen upstream.
  - Fixed_missing_text_when_using_static_text_items_in_GL_2_engine.patch -
    stolen upstream.
  - Prevent_recursion_when_creating_window_surface.patch - stolen upstream.
  - Check-if-the-interpolators-have-already-been-deleted.patch - stolen
  - 21_qt_ia32_library_path.diff - interacts incompatibly with the multiarch
    path resolution and should be obsolete anyway now that multiarch is
    available: we should drop qt from the next ia32-libs upload.
* Add patches:
  - qt-multiarch-plugin-path-compat.diff - include legacy pre-multiarch
    plugin path.
  - openssl_no_ssl2.patch - OpenSSL in Debian dropped the insecure SSLv2
    protocol. (Closes: #640210)
  - Remove_QtHelp_dependency_on_QtXml.patch - (Closes: #641753)
* Break qdbus out into a separate 'qdbus' package and make it a dependency of
  libqt4-dbus, because some things will use this at runtime. It makes
  libqt4-dbus genuinely multiarch-installable.
* Update debian/control: mark Qt libraries as Multi-Arch.
* Update debian/rules: add DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH support for libdir/plugindir.
* Update debian/*.install: update paths for multiarch.
* Update debian/libqt4-declarative.install: rename libtcpserver.so to
* Add libqt4-declarative-shaders package.
* Update symbol files.
[ Pino Toscano ]
* Use the linux-g++ mkspec on alpha and ia64. (Closes: #640981)
[ Sune Vuorela ]
* Switch to firebird 2.5 given that 2.1 is currently broken.
* Add diginotar blacklists patches, taken from upstream.
[ Pino Toscano ]
* Use DEB_HOST_ARCH_BITS to really detect 64bit architectures.
[ Pino Toscano ]
* Add patch Check-if-the-interpolators-have-already-been-deleted.patch
  to fix QVariantAnimation::registerInterpolator() crash during global dtors
  run. (Closes: #635724)
* Add patch s390x_jscore.diff to add s390/s390x support in JavaScriptCore.
  (Closes: #636544)
* Compile using the linux-g++-64 mkspec on s390x.
* Improve wording in description of qt4-qmlviewer.
[ Fathi Boudra ]
* Add support for vendor specifics in debian/rules.
[ Pino Toscano ]
* Revert the switch to GL ES 2 on armel and armhf architectures for now,
  as it is binary incompatible and creates issues with code explicitly
  using GL API. (Closes: #632602)

244. By Felix Geyer on 2011-11-01

Use DEB_*_MAINT_APPEND instead of setting CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS.

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