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e921452... by Chad Smith on 2021-05-12

changelog: lintian typos 27.0.2 redact 27.0 msg

8730165... by Chad Smith on 2021-05-10

changelog: add bugs for riscv64 and powerpc builds

0172d0e... by Chad Smith on 2021-05-07

jenkinsfile: trusty sbuild --resolve-depends for CI runs

d2a3dff... by Chad Smith on 2021-05-07

changelog 27.0.1 & 27.0.2

ae5bd93... by Grant Orndorff on 2021-05-06

tests: fix subp ls error case

9b46970... by Grant Orndorff on 2021-05-04

build: order build-depends alternatives newer first

When using alternatives in the Build-Depends section of
debian/control, we should always put the newer version of
a package first. This is because sbuild doesn't resolve
alternatives by default and we want sbuild to work on the
latest version of ubuntu with default settings.

LP: #1926949

a734722... by Grant Orndorff on 2021-05-03

apt-hook: ignore go hook on some architectures

Golang doesn't support powerpc and riscv on older versions.
This configures our Build-Depends and Makefile to gracefully
handle scenarios where we can't build our go hook. We will
simply not ship the go hook in these limited scenarios.

Fixes: #1603

247fe2f... by Grant Orndorff on 2021-04-30

apt-hook: refactor json hook messaging to be dry

The message construction code in the json hook
was pretty repetitive. This cleans it up a bit
and also removes some unnecessary explicit struct
names in the tests.

14d0608... by Grant Orndorff on 2021-04-26

apt-hook: ignore build artifacts in git

b1c7f43... by Grant Orndorff on 2021-04-26

apt-hook: run new json hook tests on package build

The new json hook is written in golang and has some
go unit tests. We are now running these unit tests
when building a deb to help prevent regressions.

While the go program itself does not require a
particular newer version of go installed, the tests
do. The `t.Run` function we are using requires at
least version 1.7 to run. Because of this, we are
adjusting our Build-Depends appropriately. We will
now use `golang-1.10` if available (as it is in older
releases where the default version is less than 1.7),
and just use `golang` if not (in newer releases
where the default version is greater than 1.7).

Fixes: #1567