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013f913... by Chad Smith on 2018-10-02

releasing curtin version 18.1-56-g3aafe77d-0ubuntu1~16.04.1

cd93ab4... by Chad Smith on 2018-10-02

update changelog (New upstream snapshot 18.1-56-g3aafe77d).

397d186... by Chad Smith on 2018-10-02

merge from master at 18.1-56-g3aafe77d

3aafe77... by Scott Moser on 2018-10-02

vmtest: Fix typo in skip-by-date.

The previous commit made one skip by date change go backwards.
Instead of 2019 we had set it to 2018.

0a27f28... by Scott Moser on 2018-09-28

vmtest: kick skip-by-date for 1671951.

The bug is marked as fix-released (cosmic), and not fixed in bionic.
Our tests still fail in cosmic though, so kick this along while we figure
that out.

1149317... by Scott Moser on 2018-09-26

tools/jenkins-runner: Error if both filters and tests are given.

Previously if you gave both '--filter' and 'tests/vmtests/' arguments
to tools/jenkins-runner it would just silently ignore the test arguments.
Just fail instead of doing the wrong thing, and possibly leaving the user
believing that the tests they provided correctly ran.

5c7d667... by Ryan Harper on 2018-09-24

vmtests: prevent tests from modifying cls.collect_scripts

vmtests now has a set of collect scripts which are shared in all
subclassed tests and should not be modifed by the subclass. Fix
test_lvm_raid.py which modified cls.collect_scripts to use
extra_collect_scripts and update the base class to raise a RuntimeError
if a subclass presents a modified cls.collect_scripts.

5f0082d... by Ryan Harper on 2018-09-21

Enable custom storage configuration for centos images

Add support for the majority of storage configurations including
partitioning, lvm, raid, iscsi and combinations of these. Some
storage configs are unsupported at this time:
 Unsupported storage config options on Centos:
  - bcache (no kernel support)
  - zfs (no kernel support)
  - jfs, ntfs, reiserfs (no kernel, userspace support)

Curtin's built-in curthooks now support Centos in addition
to Ubuntu. The built-in curthooks are now callable by
in-image curthooks. This feature is announced by the
presence of the feature flag, 'CENTOS_CURTHOOK_SUPPORT'

Other notable features added:
 - tools/jenkins-runner now includes a test filtering
   ability which enables generating the list of tests to
   run by specifying attributes of the classes. For example
   to run all centos70 tests append:
 - curtin/distro.py includes distro specific methods, such as
   package install and distro version detection
 - util.target_path has now moved to curtin.paths module

b812ae8... by Ryan Harper on 2018-08-21

vmtest: ensure we collect /var/log/journal only once

Appending the journal script to the collect_scripts parameter
modified a share class variable which resulted in more than
one call to the script to collect the journal. The script itself
was not defensive about repeated calls and would copy the
journal dir more than once which resulted in filling the capacity
of the output disk.

The changes here make the script defensive to only run once,
and fail if additional attempts to run are made.

2d9b2c6... by Ryan Harper on 2018-08-18

Don't allow reads of /proc and modprobe zfs through

New zfs_supported check reads /proc/filesystems to see if
zfs is already available and attempts to modprobe. These things
fail under launchpad sbuilds. Make sure to mock out the calls to
these functions and provide positive values for the failing unittest.