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efab669... by Chad Smith

Address scott's review comments:

- Use set declaration to coalesce get_ipv4|ipv6 devices in freebsd
- whitespace docstring unit test fix
- drop trailing ] from log message
- non-zero value for execmd in cc_power_state_change

e7bcfc5... by Chad Smith

fix uninitialized local variable alerts as raised by lgtm

c84fc48... by Chad Smith

Fix cloud-init status traceback on undeclared variable reason lp:1744796

Also avoid reporting STATUS_RUNNING unless a specific stage has a
  started time and no finish time.

5cc0b19... by Joshua Powers

tests: remove zesty as supported OS to test

Zesty goes EOL as of January 13, 2017. This removes it as a valid
OS for testing.

6299e8d... by Scott Moser

Do not log warning on config files that represent None.

This issue was first identified when manual_cache_clean was set, as
ds-identify would write /run/cloud-init/cloud.cfg with
  # manual_cache_clean
that would generate a warning as cloud-init expected to load a dict.
Any other "empty" config would also log such a warning.

Also fix reading of di_report to allow it to be None, as ds-identify
would write:
    # manual_cache_clean
which reads as 'di_report: None' rather than di_report: {}.

LP: #1742479

78372f1... by Chad Smith

tests: Use git hash pip dependency format for pylxd.

We want this git hash from master as it pylxd pip packages are not
as frequently published by this project. Master for pylxd is under
active development, so we do want to 'pin' which hash we pull.

765d2a7... by Joshua Powers

tests: add integration requirements text file

This adds the specific requirements for integration testing to
a single file that can be referenced in other areas. It also enables
the read-dependencies script to install those packages.

5f55042... by Scott Moser

MAAS: add check_instance_id based off oauth tokens.

This stores a hash of the OAuth tokens as an 'id' for the maas
datasource. Since new instances get new tokens created and those tokens
are written by curtin into datasource system config this will provide
a way to identify a new "instance" (install).

LP: #1712680

df24daa... by Joshua Powers

tests: update apt sources list test

Due to additional platforms getting added this test was not taking into
account platform specific mirrors nor was it checking that no additional
entries were added.

72270e8... by Joshua Powers

tests: clean up image properties

This fixes the incorrectly named 'family' value for images as 'os'.
Families are already defined in util.py:OS_FAMILY_MAPPING and a family
is a collection of OSes.

This makes the properties function part of the super class of image as
it is only overrided by the lxd backend.