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d30a620... by Chad Smith on 2018-07-31

releasing cloud-init version 18.3-9-g2e62cb8a-0ubuntu1~17.10.2

63fd168... by Chad Smith on 2018-07-31

update changelog

a5b4988... by Chad Smith on 2018-07-31

cherry pick 3cee0bf8

LP: #1784685

4274cdb... by Scott Moser on 2018-07-10

update changelog: add sru bug ref in changelog, remove individual ref.

Just remove the reference to bug 1780481 that was added to
debian/changelog. Also, add a reference (re-using) the SRU bug 1777912.

(cherry picked from commit b07ebf52e94fa5f94708f86937af4dba382168ba)

8704159... by Chad Smith on 2018-07-09

releasing cloud-init version 18.3-9-g2e62cb8a-0ubuntu1~17.10.1

7cad283... by Chad Smith on 2018-07-09

update changelog (New upstream snapshot 18.3-9-g2e62cb8a).

d3688d7... by Chad Smith on 2018-07-09

merge from master at 18.3-9-g2e62cb8a

2e62cb8... by Chad Smith on 2018-07-09

docs: note in rtd about avoiding /tmp when writing files

LP: #1727876

c1a75a6... by Chad Smith on 2018-07-09

ubuntu,centos,debian: get_linux_distro to align with platform.dist

A recent commit added get_linux_distro to replace the deprecated python
platform.dist module behavior before it is dropped from python. It added
behavior that was compliant on OpenSuSE and SLES, by returning
(<distro_name>, <distro_version>, <cpu-arch>).

Fix get_linux_distro to behave more like the specific distribution's
platform.dist on ubuntu, centos and debian, which will return the
distribution release codename as the third element instead of <cpu-arch>.

SLES and OpenSUSE will retain their current behavior.

Examples follow:
('sles', '15', 'x86_64')
('opensuse', '42.3', 'x86_64')
('debian', '9', 'stretch')
('ubuntu', '16.04', 'xenial')
('centos', '7', 'Core')

LP: #1780481

802c1d5... by Marc Tamsky <email address hidden> on 2018-07-03

Fix boothook docs on environment variable name (INSTANCE_I -> INSTANCE_ID)