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65c627d... by Chad Smith

Add stable branch README.md

e280004... by Scott Moser

release 18.4

Bump the version in cloudinit/version.py to be 18.4 and update ChangeLog.

LP: #1795741

40768ba... by Scott Moser

tests: allow skipping an entire cloud_test without running.

Individual skipTest or setUp SkipTest will still launch the instance.
This allows us to stop the running of the instance so we don't
waste cycles or boot systems that are known to fail.

Also replace remaining unittest usage in tests/cloud_tests/
with unittest2.

c239eb8... by Scott Moser

tests: disable lxd tests on cosmic

Skip lxd tests on cosmic for two reasons:
a.) bug 1795036 - 'lxd init' fails on cosmic kernel.
b.) apt install lxd installs via snap which can be slow
    as that will download core snap and lxd.

fb5015f... by Chad Smith

cii-tests: use unittest2.SkipTest in ntp_chrony due to new deps

Git commitish fc4b966ba928b30b1c586407e752e0b51b1031e8 changed integration
test dependencies from unittest to unittest2. Use unittest2.SkipTest in
test_chrony to avoid causing tracebacks.

facb92c... by Scott Moser

lxd: adjust to snap installed lxd.

Relax expectation on path to lxc and lxd. The deb path still does
install them in /usr/bin/ but that is overly pedantic.

Add a 'lxd waitready' (present since lxd 0.5) to wait until lxd
is ready before operating on it.

fd873fa... by Chad Smith

docs: surface experimental doc in instance-data.json

27ff9c4... by Chad Smith

tests: fix ec2 integration tests. process meta_data instead of meta-data

Commitish c7555762f3a30190ce7726b4d013bc3e83c7e4b6 changed the variable
names in instance-data.json from hyphenated to underscore delimited. In
the shuffle, meta-data -> meta_data was missed.

e7b0e5f... by Mark Goddard

Add support for Infiniband network interfaces (IPoIB).

OpenStack ironic references Infiniband interfaces via a 6 byte 'MAC
address' formed from bytes 13-15 and 18-20 of interface's hardware
address. This address is used as the ethernet_mac_address of Infiniband
links in network_data.json in configdrives generated by OpenStack nova.
We can use this address to map links in network_data.json to their
corresponding interface names.

When generating interface configuration files, we need to use the
interface's full hardware address as the HWADDR, rather than the 6 byte
MAC address provided by network_data.json.

This change allows IB interfaces to be referenced in this dual mode - by
MAC address and hardware address, depending on the context.

Support TYPE=InfiniBand for sysconfig configuration of IB interfaces.

fc4b966... by Chad Smith

cli: add cloud-init query subcommand to query instance metadata

Cloud-init caches any cloud metadata crawled during boot in the file
/run/cloud-init/instance-data.json. Cloud-init also standardizes some of
that metadata across all clouds. The command 'cloud-init query' surfaces a
simple CLI to query or format any cached instance metadata so that scripts
or end-users do not have to write tools to crawl metadata themselves.

Since 'cloud-init query' is runnable by non-root users, redact any
sensitive data from instance-data.json and provide a root-readable
unredacted instance-data-sensitive.json. Datasources can now define a
sensitive_metadata_keys tuple which will redact any matching keys
which could contain passwords or credentials from instance-data.json.

Also add the following standardized 'v1' instance-data.json keys:
  - user_data: The base64encoded user-data provided at instance launch
  - vendor_data: Any vendor_data provided to the instance at launch
  - underscore_delimited versions of existing hyphenated keys:
    instance_id, local_hostname, availability_zone, cloud_name