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7439b57... by Chad Smith on 2017-05-08

drop stray pdb from unit tests

b1833ad... by Chad Smith on 2017-05-04

add libyaml-0-2 as Recommends for cloud-init package

35bb6bd... by Chad Smith on 2017-05-04

on CSafeLoader ImportError, load SafeLoader. Add unit tests to execise both paths.

4813c9f... by Chad Smith on 2017-04-25

use CSafeLoader instead of SafeLoader for faster yaml processing speeds

513e99e... by Scott Moser on 2017-04-24

nova-lxd: read product_name from environment, not platform.

Apparently signals were crossed when this implementation was done.
Cloud-init was reading 'platform' in the environment of pid 1, but
nova-lxd was setting 'product_name'.

The fix is being made here in cloud-init to instead read product_name.

LP: #1685810

d16632a... by Dylan Perry on 2017-04-07

Fix yum repo config where keys contain array values

ConfigObj produces configuration files that are incompatible with yum if
multiple values are listed for a configuration key. Switch to the builtin
configparser, and ConfigParser (Python 2) which correctly handles this

Add additional test case for array values in yum_repos definition

LP: #1592150

2775622... by Joshua Powers on 2017-04-10

template: Update debian backports template

Debian backports are contains in the main repo and not somewhere
seperate. Thanks to Charles Plessy.

LP: #1627293

b613de7... by Joshua Powers on 2017-04-10

rsyslog: replace ~ with stop

The discard action (tilde character) has been replaced by the
“stop” RainerScript directive. It is considered more intuitive and
offers slightly better performance.

The tilde operator was deprecated in rsyslog 7. Distributions
using rsyslog older than that will need to patch.

LP: #1367899

73a97b1... by Joshua Powers on 2017-04-10

Doc: add additional RTD examples

Includes missing examples for RTD, including
examples for datasources, disk partitions and apt update.

Also fix doc in cloud-config-update-apt.txt.

LP: #1459604

068dec2... by Scott Moser on 2017-04-20

Fix growpart for some cases when booted with root=PARTUUID.

Growing the root partition would fail in either of two cases:
 a.) if the device /dev/root existed
 b.) the kernel command line had upper case letters in PARTUUID=<value>
     the kernel will accept upper case partuuid, but udev creates
     links with lower case. In that scenario, we need to adjust to
     a /dev/disk/by-<partuuid|uuid> with lower case.

The fix here addresses that, and also fixes uuid similarly for the
lowercase issue.

LP: #1684869