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e4ae4c7... by Chad Smith

clean: cloud-init clean should not trace when run from within cloud_dir

Avoid traceback when cloud-init clean is run from within
/var/lib/cloud/ deleted dirs.

LP: #1795508

b74ebca... by Robert Schweikert

net/sysconfig: do not write a resolv.conf file with only the header.

Writing the file with no dns information may prevent distro tools
from writing a resolv.conf file with dns information obtained from
a dhcp server.

3861102... by Eduardo Otubo

net: Make sysconfig renderer compatible with Network Manager.

The 'sysconfig' renderer is activated if, and only if, there's ifup and
ifdown commands present in its search dictonary or the network-scripts
configuration files are found. This patch adds a check for Network-
Manager configuration file as well.

This solution is based on the use of the plugin 'ifcfg-rh' present in
Network-Manager and is designed to support Fedora 29 or other
distributions that also replaced network-scripts by Network-Manager.

ad170db... by Marlin Cremers <email address hidden>

cc_set_passwords: Fix regex when parsing hashed passwords

Correct invalid regex to match hashes starting with the following:
  - $1, $2a, $2y, $5 or $6

LP: #1811446

fdadcb5... by Jason Zions <email address hidden>

net: Wait for dhclient to daemonize before reading lease file

cloud-init uses dhclient to fetch the DHCP lease so it can extract
DHCP options. dhclient creates the leasefile, then writes to it;
simply waiting for the leasefile to appear creates a race between
dhclient and cloud-init. Instead, wait for dhclient to be parented by
init. At that point, we know it has written to the leasefile, so it's
safe to copy the file and kill the process.

cloud-init creates a temporary directory in which to execute dhclient,
and deletes that directory after it has killed the process. If
cloud-init abandons waiting for dhclient to daemonize, it will still
attempt to delete the temporary directory, but will not report an
exception should that attempt fail.

LP: #1794399

f19dc8f... by Jason Zions <email address hidden>

[Azure] Increase retries when talking to Wireserver during metadata walk

Testing startup of large numbers of VMs (of varying distros) in Azure
shows that 3 retries results in a small percentage of failed VMs.
Increasing that by a few dramatically decreases the occurrence of
provisioning timeout errors. The initial choice of "3 retries" was
uninformed by heavy testing. Also, the alternate provisioning
mechanism for Azure (waagent) retries the Wireserver crawl without
limit. 10 retries seems a more reasonable choice.

5f49ee0... by Scott Moser

Add documentation on adding a datasource.

This adds documentation intended for a developer on how to add
a new datasource to cloud-init.

3984726... by Scott Moser

doc: clean up some datasource documentation.

The change to datasources.rst here is obvious typo fix.
The change to azure is to reduce the two 'Customization' sections
to a single and clean up some other duplicate text.

12bc76c... by Scott Moser

ds-identify: fix wrong variable name in ovf_vmware_transport_guestinfo.

ovf_vmware_transport_guestinfo is not currently tested.
It used '$1' instead of '$out' when checking for xml content in
the output of vmware-rpctool.

a809b25... by =?utf-8?q?PORTE_Lo=C3=AFc?= <email address hidden>

Scaleway: Support ssh keys provided inside an instance tag.

The change here will utilize ssh keys found inside an instance's tag.
The tag value must start with 'AUTHORIZED_KEY'.