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6d567fe... by Chad Smith

properly mock util.which for non-ifupdown test platforms

74fb5bb... by Chad Smith

drop unused is_bounce_command_missing_dependency

fdf3923... by Chad Smith

per smoser's review, make the ifup/down check simpler and just don't bounce at all if we are missing ifup util. This will continue to do the right thing if ifup is present (xenial).

c092c12... by Chad Smith


74f5464... by Chad Smith

Artful and later Ubuntu series do not deliver cloudimages with ifupdown package installed. DHCP DDNS hostname updates come without a bounce from systemd-networkd. If ifdown utility is absent, skip the bounce.

c6a6f59... by Chad Smith

lint: Fix lints seen by pylint version 1.8.1.

This branch resolves lints seen by pylint revision 1.8.1 and updates our
pinned tox pylint dependency used by our tox pylint target.

4089e20... by Chad Smith

cli: Fix error in cloud-init modules --mode=init.

The cli help docs and argument parser allow the 'init' mode value
which caused a traceback.

Fix the cli to support 'init', 'config' and 'final' modes for the
cloud-init modules subcommand.

Add a check in the cli to raise a ValueError if a new
subcommand ends up allowing an unsupported/unimplemented modes.

Drive by unit test additions for a bit better coverage of error

LP: #1736600

c87588b... by Scott Moser

release 17.2

Bump the version in cloudinit/version.py to be 17.2 and update ChangeLog.

a30a3bb... by Scott Moser

ds-identify: failure in NoCloud due to unset variable usage.

The previous OVF datasource change added a debug message that referenced
an un-used variable. The failure path would be triggered if an image was
booted with a iso9660 filesystem attached to a device that was not a

A unit test is added for the specific failure found.

Additional safety to avoid 'cidata' labels is also added to the OVF

LP: #1737704

b63ee73... by Joshua Powers

tests: fix collect_console when not implemented

The exception was incorrectly creating a string and not a bytes object.