Code review comment for lp:~cgregan/checkbox/audio_dolby

Daniel Manrique (roadmr) wrote :

OK to document the alternative, which is shipping the dolby51 test in c-d-t-s, we'd have to:
- do these changes in checkbox-ihv-ng tree
- place the data file in plainbox-gui/data
- place a text file (say, multi-channel-audio.txt) in plainbox-gui/data, with only the audio/dolby51 test definition
- modify the test definition to refer to $CHECKBOX_SHARE/data/dolby51.ac3 (not _$DATA)
- modify the packaging branch to
  - put the data file (dolby51.ac3) in /usr/lib/plainbox-providers-1/canonical-driver-test-suite/data
  - put the job file in /usr/lib/plainbox-providers-1/canonical-driver-test-suite/jobs

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