Created by Curtis Hovey on 2013-09-27 and last modified on 2013-10-05


This recipe is used to build the juju-core unstable releases. The revisions mirror juju-core/dependencies.tsv in the selected juju-core revison (1903).
sed -e '/^code/d; s,^\(.*\)/\([^/]*\)\tbzr.*\t\([0-9]*\)$,nest \2 lp:\2 src/\1/\2 revno:\3,; s,lp:mgo,lp:mgo/v2,;' | sort
The revision was removed from gnuflag because the the trunk branch is stacked improperly.

Recipe information

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Cloud Engineering Orange Squad
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juju devel packages
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Latest builds

Status When complete Distribution series Archive
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (8.2 KiB) Saucy juju devel packages
[FULLYBUILT] juju-core - 1.15.1-0~1954~ubuntu13.10.1 buildlog (8.5 KiB) amd64
[FAILEDTOBUILD] juju-core - 1.15.1-0~1954~ubuntu13.10.1 buildlog (6.2 KiB) armhf
[FULLYBUILT] juju-core - 1.15.1-0~1954~ubuntu13.10.1 buildlog (8.4 KiB) i386
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (10.9 KiB) Precise juju devel packages
[FULLYBUILT] juju-core - 1.15.1-0~1954~ubuntu12.04.1 buildlog (11.2 KiB) amd64
[FAILEDTOBUILD] juju-core - 1.15.1-0~1954~ubuntu12.04.1 buildlog (9.5 KiB) armhf
[FULLYBUILT] juju-core - 1.15.1-0~1954~ubuntu12.04.1 buildlog (11.2 KiB) i386
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (9.2 KiB) Quantal juju devel packages
[FULLYBUILT] juju-core - 1.15.1-0~1954~ubuntu12.10.1 buildlog (9.1 KiB) amd64
[FAILEDTOBUILD] juju-core - 1.15.1-0~1954~ubuntu12.10.1 buildlog (7.5 KiB) armhf
[FULLYBUILT] juju-core - 1.15.1-0~1954~ubuntu12.10.1 buildlog (9.1 KiB) i386
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (8.8 KiB) Raring juju devel packages
[FULLYBUILT] juju-core - 1.15.1-0~1954~ubuntu13.04.1 buildlog (8.7 KiB) amd64
[FAILEDTOBUILD] juju-core - 1.15.1-0~1954~ubuntu13.04.1 buildlog (7.2 KiB) armhf
[FULLYBUILT] juju-core - 1.15.1-0~1954~ubuntu13.04.1 buildlog (8.8 KiB) i386
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (10.9 KiB) Precise juju devel packages
[FULLYBUILT] juju-core - 1.15.0-0~1903~ubuntu12.04.1 buildlog (11.1 KiB) amd64
[FULLYBUILT] juju-core - 1.15.0-0~1903~ubuntu12.04.1 buildlog (11.1 KiB) i386

Recipe contents

# bzr-builder format 0.3 deb-version {debupstream}-0~{revno:juju-core}
nest juju-core lp:~go-bot/juju-core/trunk src/launchpad.net/juju-core revno:1954
nest gnuflag lp:gnuflag src/launchpad.net/gnuflag
nest goamz lp:goamz src/launchpad.net/goamz revno:42
nest gocheck lp:gocheck src/launchpad.net/gocheck revno:85
nest golxc lp:golxc src/launchpad.net/golxc revno:5
nest gomaasapi lp:gomaasapi src/launchpad.net/gomaasapi revno:43
nest goose lp:goose src/launchpad.net/goose revno:105
nest goyaml lp:goyaml src/launchpad.net/goyaml revno:47
nest gwacl lp:gwacl src/launchpad.net/gwacl revno:224
nest loggo lp:loggo src/launchpad.net/loggo revno:39
nest lpad lp:lpad src/launchpad.net/lpad revno:64
nest mgo lp:mgo/v2 src/labix.org/v2/mgo revno:240
nest tomb lp:tomb src/launchpad.net/tomb revno:17