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99f7b43... by Adam Dyess

Confirm certificate details

f4f0594... by Adam Dyess

Better separate legacy and telo relations

5d16515... by Adam Dyess

builds require access to git to pull pip deps

c68ff9b... by Adam Dyess

integration as well with the telco tls-interface

b932dcf... by Adam Dyess

Push certificates relation management down into module

95d7c74... by Adam Dyess

simplify discovery of dropped TLS relation

02f6b9a... by Adam Dyess


1bb2f70... by Adam Dyess

integrate with the tls certificates relation

2d1284a... by Kevin W Monroe

Merge pull request #79 from charmed-kubernetes/feature/arch/multiarch

Remove python cryptography libraries in favor of subprocess to `openssl`

ec8ffec... by Adam Dyess

create series and arch arguments for integration tests