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8d382f0... by Eugene San on 2018-05-25

Disable some plugins by default

67bfdef... by Eugene San on 2016-12-15

Fix menuhelper on non-gnome-flashback environments

b5de4bc... by Eugene San on 2016-09-18

Replace depricated dependency: python-support by dh-python

6c0afa7... by Eugene San on 2016-09-18

Update debian changelog

09073d2... by Gabriel Finkelstein on 2016-09-19

Disable the event listener before changing the button state, and re-enable it afterwards.

When using the gnome3 applet in gnome-panel, on gnome-flashback (Ubuntu) 16.04:

1. Open Cardapio by clicking on the applet
2. Close Cardapio by focusing on a different window or on the desktop

Expected result:
Cardapio window should close

Actual result:
Cardapio window closes, then opens again, then closes again, then opens again, etc.

This happens because there's a listener for the "clicked" event on the GtkToggleButton,
which toggles the window, but there's also a listener on "on_menu_visibility_changed",
which toggles the state of the GtkToggleButton.
And apparently toggling the state of the button triggers another "clicked" event, and so we are caught in a loop.

This patch is a possible fix.

9393682... by eugenesan <email address hidden> on 2016-01-27

Remove PyTK and SimpleJSON dependencies + Misc module rename and cleanups

  * Remove Python-Tk dependency
  * Rename and cleanup Misc module
  * Remove SimpleJson dependency (Python 2.7 has json built-in)

6fd6d13... by Eugene San on 2016-01-02

gnome-panel: Tweak applet icon treatment

06b0104... by Eugene San on 2016-01-01

Fix gnome-flashback session control and applications menu

203e0eb... by Eugene San on 2015-12-31

tweak debian packaging

afed3dc... by Eugene San on 2015-12-31

Update changelog for Xenial and bump version