Code review comment for lp:~canonical-platform-qa/ubuntu-community-testing/improved-reporting

Christopher Lee (veebers) wrote :

> Technically speaking the part of a provider name before the : is just an FQDN,
> so it doesn't really make much sense on its own. Therefore I'd have the top
> level of reporting be the full name of the provider, breaking down into
> individual testplans/whitelists. For example for clock app:
> -> clock-app-alarm
> -> clock-app-setting
> -> clock-app-stopwatch
> -> clock-app-worldcity
I understand that the FQDN doesn't really make much sense in itself, but it's used here to collect the tests under a related header. For instance in your example there is no definition of 'clock-tests' (as the results come in named '' for instance). So while it's somewhat arbitrary it allows for an overview view of all the tests.
Otherwise for the main overview there would be a _lot_ of tables (e.g. one for and

As balloons has acked the existing reports and is really eager to see something I'm going to do the potentially rude thing and deploy this as is so we have something now and we can iterate on the specifics and improve it from there.

> Also the testsuite overview seems to be mixing job plainbox execution unit
> (pxu) file names with test plan or whitelist file names. I'd have to look at
> the raw data to see what the reason for this is though.
This is more than likely due to the example results that I've uploaded during my testing. I have a task to clear this out of the database and it should resolve the issue you're seeing. (You mention this due to the appearance of '' in the reports right?).

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