Last commit made on 2020-07-23
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1bc28b8... by Colin Watson on 2020-07-23

Publish last-successful-build-label.txt to Swift

Merged from https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/turnip/+git/turnipcake/+merge/387763

27132bb... by Colin Watson on 2020-07-21

Publish last-successful-build-label.txt to Swift

This makes it easier for the Mojo spec to find the most recently-built
revision, since it can't necessarily enumerate files in the Swift

bd0b6fc... by Colin Watson on 2020-07-15

Add Jenkins test configuration

e43ec7c... by Colin Watson on 2020-07-15

Fix build-tarball target when dependencies/ is missing

00cacea... by Colin Watson on 2020-07-15

Acquire appropriate secrets for Jenkins builds

Merged branch ~cjwatson/turnip/+git/turnipcake:jenkaas-secrets
76a4b70... by Colin Watson on 2020-06-12

Add a "make publish-tarball" target

This will help us to write a Jenkins job that builds a deployment
artifact and publishes it to Swift for use by the deployment machinery.

This is mostly copied from lp-signing.

Merged branch ~cjwatson/turnip/+git/turnipcake:publish-tarball
30c30f5... by Colin Watson on 2019-09-13

Allow running with PIP_CACHE_ARGS=-v

This makes debugging build issues in Mojo somewhat less intractable.

0aff402... by Colin Watson on 2019-04-18

Add make to charm/packages.txt

36b0c99... by Colin Watson on 2019-04-18

Add ppa:launchpad/ppa for python-codetree

452e4bc... by Colin Watson on 2019-04-18

Add a charm publish target

This includes charm building setup for Jenkaas.