Last commit made on 2019-01-29
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759c3b4... by Dr. Tobias Quathamer

Debian release 1.11.5-1~bpo9+1

7163862... by Dr. Tobias Quathamer

Merge branch 'golang-1.11' into debian/1.11/stretch-backports

cb4ed2f... by Michael

Update changelog for 1.11.5-1 release

5625327... by Michael

Update upstream source from tag 'upstream/1.11.5'

Update to upstream version '1.11.5'
with Debian dir 86cc68b6fa2193cf539b1498a1ff1f5fc1c794f9

ca543a1... by Michael

New upstream version 1.11.5

134579e... by Dr. Tobias Quathamer

Debian release 1.11.4-4~bpo9+1

c66ea5f... by Dr. Tobias Quathamer

Update gbp.conf for stretch-backports

6618676... by Anthony Fok

Update changelog for 1.11.4-4 release

60c50cb... by Anthony Fok

Add patch "unix: fix Fstatat by using fillStat_t on linux/mips64x"

This fixes the "Fstatat: returned stat does not match Stat/Lstat"
errors detected by TestFstatat.

See https://go-review.googlesource.com/c/sys/+/155747

db3943a... by Anthony Fok

Remove patch which disabled TestFstatat on mips64el

This reverts commit dcbd86a2047fbd7031efc0713b6e4361778a0e5e.