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ba8f742... by Łukasz Zemczak

Change the grade to stable, add a few more staged packages and update description.

ea2cdf5... by Łukasz Zemczak

Add an initial snapcraft.yaml

0df4a20... by William Wilson

Merge pull request #10 from GlenPickle/FR-1453


98fa564... by William Wilson

FR-1453 Reorganize functions into state_machine.go and helper.go

6735647... by William Wilson

FR-1453 include new snapd mkfs package

10c7d79... by Łukasz Zemczak

Merge pull request #8 from GlenPickle/FR-1452

FR-1452 Implement bootfs population step

c17ce97... by William Wilson

FR-1453 re-organize statemachine functions by placing non-interface functions in helper

81a4151... by William Wilson

FR-1453 pull in changes from bootfs states

c2550ee... by William Wilson

FR-1452 remove debug line

e966b2b... by William Wilson

FR-1452 specify livecd-rootfs dependency version