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9f8b18b... by Dimitri John Ledkov pass /dev-less console=tty option

fa7f970... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

complicate things to allow for overlapping subiquity events

269f90a... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

do not leave user stranded if confirmation appears over progress view and they say no

8ac18af... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

show progress when apply_autoinstall_config takes >0.1s

If, when the overall installer is interactive but a particular
controller is not and applying the config for that installer takes more
than 0.1 seconds, show the progress view until it completes (but ensure
that the progress view is on screen for at least a whole second if it is
shown at all).

Block all input during that (up to) 0.1s wait.

Send events from non-interacttive controllers to the progress view.

b3fc7eb... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

show error report over first interactive screen

561126c... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

move a bit of logic into ProgressView

a3712f9... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

attach a controller to most contexts

6f76068... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

pass the context object to report_start_event / report_finish_event

95c2022... by Dimitri John Ledkov

Merge pull request #686 from mwhudson/no-netplan-crash

if netplan apply fails show an error rather than crashing the ui

367e912... by Dimitri John Ledkov

Merge pull request #685 from mwhudson/copy-md5check-file

copy /run/casper-md5check.json to /var/log/installer